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How to measure a mirror
When ordering a mirror the following guide will help to explain the way mirrors are measured, especially when ordering with a frame.
Just Glass


Buying a plain mirror without a frame is simple enough, the size you request is the size you get. e.g. a plain mirror 500 x 700mm will be 500 x 700mm and all of this will be visible as a true mirrored finish. Fig 1.
Buying a bevelled mirror without a frame will however but just a little different, whist the glass size will remain the same overall the bevelled edge around the glass will reduce the area of mirror you can a see a true reflection in, the edge of the glass will still be reflective, but the the angle will be changed due to the bevelling of the glass. Fig 2.
With the standard 25mm bevel, the True mirror area of a 500 x 700mm mirror will be 450 x 650mm Fig 3.
Fig 1.  
Reflection from aPlain Mirror Plain Mirror
Fig 2.  
Reflection from a bevelled mirror Beveled Edge Mirror
Fig 3.  
Measuring a Bevelled Mirror  

Framed Mirrors

When ordering a framed mirror or framed two way mirror, things become a little trickier.
  Fig 4.

It's important here to understand that some of the glass area will be covered by the rebate of the frame and with most rebates between 7-10mm there will be a small loss of mirror surface of 7-10 mm all the way around the mirror, see Fig 4.

Now our 500 x 700mm mirror may only show a mirror 480 x 680mm when framed if using a frame with a 10mm rebate.

This is normal and the way all mirrors are measured.

Rabte of a frame
  Fig 5.

With this in mind if wish to order a framed mirror and you require your "Visible" mirror area to be 700 x 500mm you will need to order a mirror 720 x 520mm for a frame with a 10mm rebate.

Fig 5. Shows how the rebate of the frame partially covers the edge of the mirror and in Fig 6. how a part of a bevel edged mirrors is hidden by the frame rebate,

Plain mirror in a frame
  Fig 6.
For most people this complication is minor and would not be noticed unless specifically pointed out. Bevelled mirror in frame

For those few customer where the visible mirror size is very important, a special note needs to be mentioned. All frames DO NOT have the same rebate size. A call to our sales team for confirmation BEFORE placing an order is strongly advised, when one of our team will be pleased to help and confirm your dimension before manufacturing your mirror.

If you still require assistance with measuring your mirror please feel free to call or email for further assistance or advice.