We just love to Mirrors

As a mirror retailer, we dont just sell a handful of the best selling mirrors like many retailers do who sell mirrors. We want to give our customers the best we can in choice.

We offer a wonderful selection of mirrors from Traditional and Dectorative through to Contemporary and Modern. Our ranges included illuminated, framed, frameless, overmantles, childrens, glass mirrors, acrylic mirrors, tiles, antique, designer mirrors, OIn addition to selling the largest collection of mirrors within the UK serving every style, shape, size and colour. We stock all different sizes, shapes, colours and types.

If you are looking for something unique, we offer the largest selection of bespoke mirrors available in the UK. Our bespoke offerings, include leather, framed, glass only, acrylic, two way, tv, slim frames, fun fair, cabinets and so much more.

School Mirrors of Many Shapes and Sizes

School mirrors have the ability to offer two major benefits, adding to a  visually engaging environment to help children enjoy learning, as well  as providing additional safety by helping teachers and other staff keep pupils in view at all times. 

Placing a mirror with an interesting visual design in a primary school can provide young children with a great wall feature to build visual association with, as well as being able to watch themselves and their friends play around and practice movements in front of their reflections. Simliarly Mirrors provide perfect stimulaton for children with special needs such as austic children where mirros can assist in promoting self awareness and aiding commuinication and discussion. Nursery mirrors are ideal for two reasons, adding to a pleasant environment for children to enjoy learning, and also as a security feature for nursery staff to be able to keep an eye on children at all times.

From a visual design perspective, school mirrors are fantastic for enhancing the feeling of light and depth in a space, as well as bringing eye-catching colours and shapes if you choose a more elaborate mirror. For teachers and classroom assistants, a strategically placed mirror makes sure that there even children sitting in the back corner of a room, or working in an annex or enclave can still be in view.

Of course Mirrors have a practical role in schools too. Whether it is bathrooms, gyms, dance studio’s, theatre, leisure or sports factilties mirrors can be used to enhance the surrounding area and in some cases add fun to a room

Technology is also catching up, and mirrors can be used to teach pupils whilst also giving the teachers the ability to still observe the children even when the teachers back is turned. For example two way mirror creates a mirror and in combination with a computer enables the teacher to teach.

To speak to one of our school mirror specialists in more detail, please give Mirrorworld a call so that we can discuss the specifics of your project, budget, and space, allowing you to build a bespoke school mirror package to suit you. Call our sales team on 0333 800 8181 or send your enquiry to sales@mirrorworld.co.uk

Create the Magic with Wedding and Table Mirrors

Beautiful Round and Square Glass Table mirrors with small bevelled Edge

Our Stunning range of Table Decoration mirrors are perfect for showcasing products as well as decorating a wedding or celebration table creating magic and intrigue.

We offer the largest range of Table Mirrors available in the UK in every shap, size and style and can even offer bespoke table mirrors. Mirrors can have a huge impact on showcasing products like cakes or flowers from every angle and ensuring they are being seen at their best. For Table decoration, they create a reflection that wows your guests you can cause gorgeous reflections of vases, candles, flower and bring the table alive with light and reflection.

Using the latest state of the art laser machinery we can cut acrylic table mirrors to any style and shape you require. Wher you want to create a centre piece mirror runner or circular mirrors to enhance your table display the decision is based on your needs. For those who prefer more traditional table mirrors with small bevels we can manufacture these bespoke and have a selection of round mirrors just contact our friendly sales team for more details.

Mirrors come in different shapes, sizes, and finishes! So choosing a mirror that will fit your design is easy with so many options.

One way to take advantage of table mirrors is with the beauty of candle light on a mirror. You can never underestimate how gorgous the flame and candle is intensified by placing it one of our table mirrors.

Ideas for Table Mirrors

Add a mirror to your guest book table with flowers on it, helps make this feel special.

For weddings, consider lining the aisle with mirrors and flowers, to let the aisle glow with delight. We wouldnt recommend using candleight in this respect, unless it is a wide aisle as you might risk letting the brides dress glow for the wrong reasons.

For the main table at any celebration consider using a longer table runners to reflect the importance of the central table.

No Matter what the product, whether it be a book, a cake or candles mirrors have a great way of focussing your customers attention on the product.

Be imaginitive try using acrylic table mirrors cut into octagons or hexagons for something truly unique.

Prices start from just £2.29 and additional discounts are applied when purchasing in bulk.

London Fashion Week Update

Update on being a partner Sponsour for Nabil’s AW19// Let them Revolt show.

It has been an absolute pleasure and privallege to be one of Nabil Nayal’s partner sponsours at london fashion week. We believe he is a very talented fashion designer and fully supported by a great team. We produced what looked like shattered pieces of Mirrored Glass made from laser cut Acrylic mirrors and as you will see in the images below perfectly compliemented the theme for this years show.

Framed Sample Service

Style, function and colour are just a few of the factors to consider when you’re choosing exactly the right mirror option for your home or business space. It can be tough to come to a decision, and you may even have narrowed it down to a few final options, but find yourself wishing you could see them up close to make your final decision.

We understand this, which is exactly why we have taken the step of enabling you to request up to four free samples so that you can examine a section of mirror frame and come to that final decision with the utmost confidence.

Simply click https://bit.ly/2TdssSN and browse through our range of frames, select your favourite options, and add them to the cart. You will find that they appear in your cart at their set price, but alongside a corresponding discount code that will cover the first four sample requests.
If you need to order more than four samples then you will be charged a small charge to cover any additional samples ordered.

This will provide you with the perfect tool to make your final decision, with sample mirror frames delivered directly to you with no commitment to buy. We’re confident that once you’re holding any of our fantastic samples in your hand and see the quality of craftsmanship and beauty of their design, you’ll feel fully confident making your choice.

We’re committed to making this offer as we understand the hesitance of some to purchase a mirror online without getting to hold and examine it from every angle. That’s why we offer this service, knowing that most customers will want to see the frames for themselves, and get to hold the frame sample in place against whatever wall, floor or ceiling surface they will be located. Once that final check has been made, you can move forward confident that you’re making the right choice.

Here at mirrorworld.co.uk we stock some of the leading styles in a wide range of mirrors, and we’re happy for you to try before you buy. So why not take a look through and request up to four free frame samples today?

Visit https://bit.ly/2TdssSN