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Decorative Mirrors – Mirrors are an easy way to add depth and vitality to your home.  For example, adding a mirror opposite a window or lamp can help fill a room with light; and placing a decorative or framed mirror above a mantel provides a focal point for a room.


Framed Mirrors – Mirrors come in many sizes which do not necessarily have to correspond to the size of the room, as a large mirror can make a small room look larger.  


Full length mirrors have long been used in bedrooms, restaurants, dance studios, and exercise rooms to make smaller areas seem larger.   Frames come in many designs, shapes, styles and colours and our bespoke service means you can order them to your required size.


Frameless Mirror – This type of mirror is typically attached to a wall using Mirror adhesive, Screw fixings or JClips .  They provide a simple but effective mirror enhancing dark corners of the home and adding energy and vibrance to living spaces.


Round or oval mirrors can present both a modern and traditional look whether framed or unframed. The rounded edges of a round or oval mirror provide some curves which are a lovely juxtaposition to the straight lines of a dresser, chest, or table. In general, choose a mirror that is just smaller  in width to the furniture it is hanging above.

Bathroom Mirrors An essential element in any bathroom and will always be included. But this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be given some consideration in conjunction with the overall style of the room.  Mirrors should always be placed above the vanity, of course, but that doesn’t mean they must be the standard rectangle

or that the cannot be found elsewhere in the room. Think outside the box and try a unique shape for your mirror above the sink. Experiment with placing two mirrors instead of one above a double sink. A full-length mirror on the door, wall, or easel is useful in the bathroom as well if there is room for it.


Bedroom Mirrors – Having a large mirror in the bedroom can help spread light and make the room appear larger. It’s also an obvious and most convenient place to have a full-length mirror.

Placement is important here; for a major visual impact, lean a large mirror against one bedroom wall. The reflection will make the entire room look and feel larger. To make the most of natural light, place opposite a window. Add a mirror on a wall behind a chair or nightstand to depth and character.



Proud winner in the 2019 Home & Garden Awards

We are very pleased to have been crowned with  Best Home Mirror Suppliers for the Cheshire Region.

Build Magazine  awards are dedicated to uncovering and rewarding the very best in technical innovation, design and service.

Whilst we have won and been nominated for many awards it is always humbling to receive a new one and honours the hardwork the staff and their efforts serving the wide retail and commercial sectors for the last 30 years.

Mirrorworld have invested heavily in state of art new machinery  to ensure we can offer our customers the widest range of choice, and the team of innovative staff are encouraged to help design and create new mirrors to add to  our growing range.

The magazine is read by over 110,000 industry experts around the globe each month, with the majority of its readership being in the interior design sector.

Another award….for our Mantlepiece

Best for Bespoke Mirror Designs – Mirrorworld Manchester – Won

The 2018 Leading Designers Awards have been designed to recognise the companies, teams and individuals who are excelling in this ever-growing industry – those who set the highest standards by pushing creative boundaries within the industry of interior design and architecture.

General Manager Andrew Taylor Stated “it is a real pleasure to have won this award and it is an honour on behalf of the company to have received it and respects all the hard work our creative team have done over the year”.


I’m dreaming of a light Christmas

Christmas is the time to spend time with your nearest and dearest … but is your home ready for the additional visitors?

When you pull those dusty boxes own from the attic packed full of baubles, tinsel and holly wreaths, an area often over looked is what else hangs up in your home.

After meticulously wrapping strings of Christmas lights around your Christmas trees, banisters (and house plants!), you can double the impact of the warm light created with a single addition – a well-placed mirror.

With trends for 2018 anticipated to move away from the popular coppers and more towards other metallics such as gold luxe, brass and silver, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a pre-Christmas treat and a bit of seasonal bling.


Here are our top picks to make your Christmas feel even more magical:

  • Stunning antique-style round gold decorative Roccoco mirror, £99.95
  • Sumptuously decadent French Style Swept frame wall mirror with a gold finish, combining massive proportions with a craftsmanship rarely found, £199.95
  • Bold and striking this ornate frame with intricate detailing is truly beautiful and ideal as an overmantle mirror or to bring a touch of opulence to any room, £224.95

Take a look at mirrorworld for over 5,000 different styles, shapes and sizes of mirror.