blend with mirrors instead of paint

Are multiple colours really that neccesary in a room?

We’re always on the constant lookout for new colour combinations for our homes. Sometimes we like shades of orange to keep the house warm, other times we want to keep it simple and stick to our eggshell whites. But what if we can’t settle on a colour or we’re too afraid to experiment?

This is when mirrors come in. As we already know, mirrors are used to bring more depth into a room, making it look larger than what it actually is. However, They’ve also been well renowned for breaking up the room. You hang one up, and you instantly get a whole new perspective, not just at one angle, but any angle of the room.

You could be standing at the doorway and see the mirror reflecting your windows and all the rays of light coming through. You could be standing by the window and just see a wall opposite, except it has a different shade as it’s the other side of the wall; already it’s brought a whole new block of colour in your line of sight.

Sometimes there’s no need to use multiple different shades of paint in a room, you can let the light do all the work for you! Mirrors can also prove to help with adaptation as well! Got vivid green grass and a crystal blue sky outside in the summer? Them hints of blue and green are going to bounce and blend with your living room gloriously with a mirror. Have the fire on during a snowy winter night? A mirror’s going to make your room all the more radiant an orange.

Think of a mirror less like a canvas and more like a palette, filled with endless combinations, ready to have any colour thrown onto it. If you ask us, like an artist needs their palette for their perfect piece, a designer will always need a mirror for their perfect home.

Why do walls help our home?

Walls? What’s so special about them? They literally just keep the roof over our heads and that’s it, or at least that’s what some people think.

You literally have a giant canvas at your disposal! What if you throw a design up that you don’t like? Paint over it and do it again! The great thing about walls is that their layers are like history, and you’re contributing to that every time you experiment and do something new with them!

You never need to do anything over-complicated with them, there’s a good rule of design: KISS, Keep it simple stupid! Either go out and purchase a wallpaper design or just paint them all one colour, it works like a charm either way.

Did we mention that they can help you save space? Everyone is always filling their floors with tables and furniture, but walls are great for storage and decor too! Bring some shelves into the picture, give yourself more space to run rampant!

Walls are also an excellent light source believe it or not! A room is a small box for light to bounce around in, so naturally, the light will carry a little of everything it bounces off from. If you have a red room, red is going to bounce everywhere; if you have a white room, white is going to bounce everywhere. Black isn’t reflective so we tend to avoid having rooms this colour for that very reason.

And just in case you thought we weren’t going to put this out there, it’s great for mirrors too! Do mirrors even have a purpose being on your wall though? Well for starters they’re the ultimate source of light in themselves. You can even get away with having a black room by using mirrors to break everything up and catch whatever light it can! They also create the illusion of depth and space in your home, instantly making everything look larger, as if storing everything on the walls wasn’t enough for you!

Never underestimate walls though, or any part of your home for that matter! Every bit of decor has a silver lining to it, you just need to find a way of complimenting or embracing it.

Should we still pride ourselves on quality material?

Over the past few decades, purchasing a mirror has become easy and more affordable than ever. You can easily go into one of the Range’s stores in the UK and buy something bespoke-looking for a fair price. That’s the thing though, you get what you pay for.

As you get older, we underestimate the enormity of everyday tasks, so naturally, you would like better quality tools. A gas hob to get heat quicker, a hoover with more accessibility to tight spots, even softer toilet paper.

So where do mirrors come into this? When you compare a mass-produced mirror compared to a custom-made mirror just for you, I think the issue speaks for itself: it’s a mirror for the masses, not YOU specifically.

We buy those luxurious framed mirrors for £14.99 online become they had that gorgeous wooden texture bordering them, only to find out the material is plastic and the paint coating has used the bristles of a brush to make the wooden fibres look authentic. Not to say that these aren’t effective, because by all means, the beauty of design all comes into the illusion of quality. But there’s a point where we wish to stop dreaming and actually want to treat ourselves to that luxury.

If we want a wooden frame, we want to brush our thumb against the grain and smell the earthy musk of that oak and the thick perfume of a cheeky wax coating. And then we get to the glass itself, which is a whole game-changer in itself. The slightest blemish in glass can cause distortion, leading to self-consciousness about your appearance, or even how your home looks from someone else’s perspective. We pride ourselves on providing even-surfaced glass to ensure no distortion whatsoever when you see your reflection.

What do you think? Do you have any materials you pride yourself on? Let us know, we’d love to hear!

Why your Home needs Plants

In case you haven’t noticed, Plants are really in right now. Everyone’s always on about encouraging eco-friendly lifestyles and incorporating plants into your room’s layout? But what specific benefits are we getting out of this?

Green is a great colour for your room

Green goes with any room tone you’re using, whether your using warm, neutral or cool temperatures. There’s really no need to repaint the walls or change the furniture for the plants!

The reason why this works is because light works via 3 different spectrums of colour: Red, Green and Blue. Red fits into warm tones, blue fits into cold tones. Pairing the Green with one or the other will actually help compliment the colour scheme.

It makes for interesting shapes

They give your furniture more character! In our last post, we discussed what made the silhouette of a shape more interesting. In this case, plants themselves count as interesting visual placements for the room as they come in all shapes and sizes! There are literally hundreds of plants to choose from, so don’t feel you’re stuck for choice.

They guarantee a healthier home

We occasionally get fed up of staying indoors for long periods of time, especially after enduring these lockdowns for so long. It ends up getting a bit stuffy, wouldn’t it be great if we had something to flush out all the toxins in the room and create clean air for the indoors? I think you know where I’m headed with this one.

When you find the perfect home for your plants, you’ll find yourself feeling much more calm and relaxed within the next few months. This is because plants produce chemicals that reduce your stress and fatigue. They also boost concentration and creativity so you’ll excel both at home and the work place!

You don’t even need lots to do the job

This is the whole beauty of it all, you don’t need loads of plants left, right and centre to do their job. But what if you wanted to use them purely for décor purposes? They’re definitely going to get overcrowded in there, your house may as well be a green house! Well here’s the answer to that situation: Use a mirror!

You reflection will make the room look as though it has more plants than it actually does. That and it’ll reflect more sunlight onto them, they normally miss out on so much energy because they’re always put into one corner of the room.

Do you use plants in your home? Let us know and send us the results! We’d love to feature them!

Why your home relies on Shapes

We all want to occasionally know why things just don’t look right in our homes… “Why does this lamp not look right in the table?” Well today we’ll be teaching you all the secrets behind that so you have an eye for what works and what doesn’t before purchasing anything you don’t need!

So what decor works and which ones don’t?

In the example image, we can see how there’s no issue with the products being used, but repetition is an exception for one but not the other. This is because all shapes come with different types of context.

Circles are often associated with Smooth, Calm and Safe. Squares are static, strong and secure. But triangles are sharp, dynamic and dangerous; why do you think warning signs are triangle shaped?

People pick circular mirrors because they look safe and bring a sense of tranquillity to a room. People pick square mirrors because they look stable and unbreakable. We never ever see a triangular mirror in a showroom or on sale because they remind people of shattered shards of glass!

How can we use shapes to tell what looks busy and what doesn’t?

Designers always take silhouettes in mind before moving forward with any project. There are normally two types: either a simple one or a busy one. Simple is as simple does, it could just be a basic shape and look a bit plain on their own, but they work very well in repetition. Where as a more convoluted shape is busy, but it stands out as a lot more of an interesting shape to look at, but sets of them make a space too busy.

So what’s best for my home? An abstract piece of décor and repetition of basic shapes?

Honestly, it’s down to how you want people to interpret your room. If you’d like something you want to show off to your guests and grab their attention whenever they come into the room, go for the abstract piece. If you’re just looking to fill space in an efficient manner whilst delivering a soothing simplicity to the room, go for the basic décor. Either way by following these methods, you’re bound to have an interesting home for your guests to explore.