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Looking for Two way Mirror? Surveylance? Observation? or Just to hide a Tv, Talk to Mirrorworld First.

Mirrorworld provide two Way mirrors for all needs.

Two way mirrors, what they are and how they're used, specifications and different types including glass and acrylic

Hide your TV behind a TV mirror with our specialist two way glass products. Two way TV mirrors can help to unclutter your living room and make a beautiful feauture out of your TV, providing you with that extra space for the stunning mirror you've always wanted. TV mirrors are a sure-fire way to wow your friends with your interior design. We also provide two way mirrors for commercial purposes - banks, offices etc, anywhere you need two-way glass.

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Two Way Mirrors - A General Introduction

A Two Way Mirror looks like any other mirror, when viewed by those who are unaware of its presence. The basic principle behind a two way mirror is it acts as a window from one viewpoint, however, when viewed from the opposite side it acts and looks like a normal mirror.

These properties may make you think of spy movies and it's certainly true a Two Way Mirror can be a useful surveillance aid. For example, they are commonly used in banks, shops and other commercial settings as a discreet observational tool

They do, however, have a broad range of other uses. Within scientific environments, mirrors of this type can be used to assist with the observation of experiments and subjects. This allows behaviour to be observed and recorded without the intrusion that might otherwise be necessary. Such mirrors are also suitable for use in hospitals, including within operating theatres for student viewing areas.

We are able to make these mirrors to any size, ensuring that you can buy a two way mirror to suit your specific needs or circumstances. We currently supply two way mirrors in 2 categories, 2 gauges of Acrylic two way mirror: 3mm and 6mm . Plus 8 types of glass with a two way finish including: 6mm Standard Two way, 6mm Ultra Two way, 6mm Ultra Plus two way, 6mm ultra plus toughened and 8.8m Standard Laminated Two way.

All of our mirrors are manufactured to the very highest quality and can be specifically tailored to meet your individual requirements. Our standard sizes (Acrylic ONLY) are normally delivered from stock with a couple of days, whilst our fully tailored and made to measure solutions are normally delivered 10 -14 days from order. All our mirrors can of course be framed in any of our fantastic range of moulding designs, ensuring that they work well with a variety of backgrounds and wall surfaces.

Use our online tool for your FREE quotation, and we're also happy to supply samples, allowing you to see the quality of the products that we provide.

Whatever use you have in mind, you'll discover that buying a Two Way Mirror from Mirrorworld will ensure that you get the product you require and the quality that you deserve.

What are Two - Way Mirrors and how to use them

What is it?

Technically, Two-way mirror is a semi-transparent film of aluminium deposited on an acrylic or glass substrate. Allowing a percentage of incident light (Transmittance) to pass through while reflecting (Reflection) the remainder.

What's it used for?

Two way mirrors can be seen in many varying environments including Airports, Banks, Supermarkets, Care centres and Police Stations are the obvious ones but Universities, Art galleries, Theatres and the Home are some that may not spring to mind straight away.

Some of the more common usages include:

How to use a two way mirror

With careful consideration when installing a two way mirror, a dramatic difference can be made to its overall effectiveness. We recommend that you think beforehand how it's going to blend with the surrounding environment with special care taken about the positioning to get the best use of the available ambient lighting conditions.
IMPORTANT: In order to maximise the functionality of the product, it's important that there is a significant light difference between the two sides.

Try to put an everyday object partially in front of the mirror. e.g. plant or vase. This will take the casual eye away from the mirror as a whole.

The viewing area must be darker than the area to be observed for the special mirror surface to work properly. The large the light difference the better the result.

For framed mirrors, this avoids detection by simply lifting the mirror up to reveal the observation area. Or allowing light to leak behind and spoil the effect.

Scratches in the surface can lead to light penetration through the 2 way surface and ruin the overall effect. With TV installation for instance, always make sure the coated surface is on the inside and away from any possible accidents.

Other names for two way mirror include

Spy-Mirror, One-Way Mirror, Three Way Mirror, dielectric mirror