Why your Home needs Plants

In case you haven’t noticed, Plants are really in right now. Everyone’s always on about encouraging eco-friendly lifestyles and incorporating plants into your room’s layout? But what specific benefits are we getting out of this?

Green is a great colour for your room

Green goes with any room tone you’re using, whether your using warm, neutral or cool temperatures. There’s really no need to repaint the walls or change the furniture for the plants!

The reason why this works is because light works via 3 different spectrums of colour: Red, Green and Blue. Red fits into warm tones, blue fits into cold tones. Pairing the Green with one or the other will actually help compliment the colour scheme.

It makes for interesting shapes

They give your furniture more character! In our last post, we discussed what made the silhouette of a shape more interesting. In this case, plants themselves count as interesting visual placements for the room as they come in all shapes and sizes! There are literally hundreds of plants to choose from, so don’t feel you’re stuck for choice.

They guarantee a healthier home

We occasionally get fed up of staying indoors for long periods of time, especially after enduring these lockdowns for so long. It ends up getting a bit stuffy, wouldn’t it be great if we had something to flush out all the toxins in the room and create clean air for the indoors? I think you know where I’m headed with this one.

When you find the perfect home for your plants, you’ll find yourself feeling much more calm and relaxed within the next few months. This is because plants produce chemicals that reduce your stress and fatigue. They also boost concentration and creativity so you’ll excel both at home and the work place!

You don’t even need lots to do the job

This is the whole beauty of it all, you don’t need loads of plants left, right and centre to do their job. But what if you wanted to use them purely for décor purposes? They’re definitely going to get overcrowded in there, your house may as well be a green house! Well here’s the answer to that situation: Use a mirror!

You reflection will make the room look as though it has more plants than it actually does. That and it’ll reflect more sunlight onto them, they normally miss out on so much energy because they’re always put into one corner of the room.

Do you use plants in your home? Let us know and send us the results! We’d love to feature them!