Mirrorworld are proud to introduce our bespoke made to measure mirror service. A service which genuinely understands the importance of a professional yet personal and friendly approach, We working closely with our customers to design and build beautiful bespoke mirror projects, using a combination of the best tried traditional techniques and materials with the most modern up to date equipment and practices. This in collaboration with the largest selection of bespoke mirrors on the web blend into a stunning array of design, styles and prices to suit every room, taste and budget. The choice truly is yours.

When considering purchasing a bespoke framed mirror you may have a detailed idea of what you're looking for or maybe just a vague notion, but what happens next and how much will it cost?

From the moment you contact our sales team, we'll talk through your ideas, needs and requirements, establishing in detail exactly what you are looking for. Thus enabling us to provide the very best professional help and advice that.

At Mirrorworld we believe that quality, knowledgeable advice is paramount in all that we do, making your experience with us an enjoyable and rewarding one.

There are a number of choices to make when deciding on your perfect mirror, size, design, shape, glass decoration etc. and each have a significant part to play in the final cost. Our knowledgeable team are here to guide you through these options creating the perfect mirror for you.

Our free online tools are great for those who know exactly what they're looking for, but calling on our team of experts can make your choices an exciting and enlightening process.

At Mirrorworld our aims are simple, to provide the very best service and products available today. As part of those aims we only use only the best materials. Appropriately all our bespoke mirrors therefore use Optimirrorâ„¢ from Pilkington - The Worlds leading manufacturer of high quality glass,

Pilkington, whose use of the latest technology and established commitment to quality are a perfect match for all our bespoke mirror services.

Pilkington's glass has proven to be durable and long lasting, enabling Mirrorworld mirrors to meet and exceed all existing quality requirements set by the European Standard EN1036.

Additionally, Optimirror™ provides excellent protection of the reflective silver layer, without the need for the copper and lead used in the conventional process. In addition to being environmentally friendly to manufacture, the Optimirror™ offers far greater resistance to natural atmospheric corrosion – thus reducing the unsightly problems of black edges and spot faults.

All our bespoke mirrors are handmade by skilled craftsmen, utilising a vast experience and skills with both traditional tools and the very latest modern machines and technologies, creating the perfect mirrors to stand the test of time and be treasured for ever...

Once your choices have been established, the work of assembling your mirror can now begin.

The first job fall to our quality control team inspecting all materials prior to manufacture ensuring moulding and mirror are free from marks, cracks, splits or unintentional blemishes.

Creating the mirror comes next, cutting polishing and finishing the Optimirror to the precise dimensions required. Followed by the frame, moulded, cut and pinned to match. The two halves are then brought together with the sundry components, to be assembled with the utmost care and precision.

All aspects are now checked and double checked and a final quality control inspection made. The lovingly created finished mirrors are then packed ready for delivery or despatch.

We are proud that many of our customers return time and again for different mirrors or projects as well as introducing new customers to us by recommendation.

Below are just small example of the letters we constantly receive from our satisfied customers

If you need something unique, special or a mirror to fit a particular space we can take the precise details and make your mirror to measure. And, the good news is that this bespoke service could not be easier thanks to our easy to use online tool.

Looking for the perfect personalised framed mirror then you've come to the right place.

Our bespoke service allows you complete control. From size of frame to choice of materials – wood, acrylic or leather – we leave it all to you. You can even select two-way mirrors, safety mirror or specialist mirrors for use in gyms and dance studios. The tool allows you to fine tune your order so that you can create the mirror that perfectly reflects your needs

All you have to do is enter the details you need – a price is worked out for you in an instant.

No Compromise.

Regardless of what you’ve heard, size matters. That’s why here at Mirrorworld we believe in offering the widest range of mirrors products made to measure online.

With our huge choice of designs and skilled craftsmen, our bespoke and custom service is second to none when it comes to producing the mirror you want in the size you want it.

Call today and talk with one of our friendly sales team, who’ll be pleased to talk you through all the available options or why not try our unique online quotation tool? For a fast easy way to order your bespoke mirror today.

Frame Mirror Quote Tool

Our unique online tools have been created to be easy and intuitive to use, with lots of options and variation to explore, give them a try, they’re free, simple and can be configured with all the major requirements when requesting a mirror.

Glass Quote tool

Whilst framed and designer mirrors are amongst our most popular made to measure items, we also are pleased to offer our made to measure service for the simple plain mirrors too. When we say simple, it may mean plain mirror, but we offer every convievable option you may want.

Options include a choice of 4mm or 6mm glass, bevelled glass or with polished edging, with or without pre-driled holes and even a choice and antiqued and aged glass finishes. There really isn’t an option we can’t help with.

For Good Measure, Acrylic Mirror too.

Just like our unique online framed mirror tool, our glass tools is also intuitive and easy to use, with lots of options and variation to explore, give it a try, it’s free, simple and can be configured with all the major requirements when requesting a standard glass mirror.

Friendly Sales team

Call today on 0333 800 8181 to speak with our friendly sales team or try our free online pricing tool for an instant quote, it truly is simple and easy to use. Just a couple of clicks to configure a mirror to your exact requirements.