Rod Stewart is Sailing but not selling?


The legendary Sir Rod Stewart has blessed us with his musical talent since the 1960’s, and to that sir, we thank you!

As much as we love his music… we aren’t sure we have the same taste in interior decor.

Rod’s Durrington House mansion in Essex has been a project he has been working on for 2 years and you would think potential purchasers would be queueing up to put in their bids for this mansion.

However, the £5million property is struggling to sell and he’s reportedly knocked £500,000 off the asking price.

It is a truly magnificent mansion on the outside. The garden is exquisite and it even comes with its own football pitch!

Yet the interior isn’t exactly state of the art. Instead of chic and modern, it is more swags and chintz. More frills than fantastic.

The Maggie Mae singer is currently touring and has recently joined the two Mikes on talkSPORT defending his interior design choices, after a journalist commented that his house looks out of date.

Well Rod, we have some ideas that we have put together on a Pinterest board that would make Durrington sell in an instant. With these changes, we think your mansion could be sexy.

Dining Room – Rod has gone for a traditional manor house look. We feel like this is a little outdated and we would go a different route.













We would opt for a sleek modern look with a bold grey feature wall, tiled floor and modern ceiling lights. This teamed with a classic table would give the dining room a luxury feel.






Our ‘Boston’ mirror from Mirrorworld’s Designer Collection would add light, elegance and substance to the room, and the frames would add that extra touch of luxury.

Living Room –

As we can see, Rod has gone for Victorian Opulence which suits classical pieces.4










But we think a touch of modern flair is needed. We would introduce a clean and simple colour scheme as well as neutral furniture with accents of colour.6











The Curva mirror from Mirrorworld’s Designer Collection would go perfectly with this room as the simple design allows it to be a piece that doesn’t overshadow the statement furniture, and instead, complements the simplicity of the room.

Bedroom – picture1Rod’s bedroom has swags of style, but it isn’t modern.









This frenzy of frills isn’t to everyone’s taste.   8

Modernising the bedroom would add that touch of class and ooze sophistication.

By using warm lighting and simple decor it would create an opulent room to retreat to.

Our ‘Trio’ mirrors from Mirrorworld’s Designer Collection would add a statement piece and a touch of elegance in the bedroom.

9When placed above the headboard, the trio of mirrors will help bounce the warm lighting around the room.



So Rod, when it comes to interior design remember, every picture tells a story.

Don’t Let DIY Disasters Strike This Easter

With the arrival – finally, we hope – of the sun, a rapidly recovering economy and a well-deserved bank holiday after a lengthy wait since New Year’s Day all rolled into one, the Easter weekend can mean only one thing: a frenzy of DIY and gardening – and all of the shopping that goes with it.

Easter weekend is always one of the busiest of the year for DIYers and retailers of home and garden products alike, due to the amount of time the weekend provides for people to begin to tackle DIY projects around the home. According to research, people are more likely to try something ambitious around the Easter period. Our advice is to prepare well to make sure you avoid mishaps.

According to a poll carried out by researchers 72 Point, there are more people planning to carry out gardening and DIY work this Easter than there are planning to take a mini-break or a holiday away from home. The survey found that, in fact, the average person is planning to spend a minimum of fifteen hours carrying out a mixture of jobs around the home; mostly DIY work, closely followed by gardening related tasks.

To help to make sure that all of your bases are covered, here for the first time, collated into one place are all of the information articles we’ve produced to help you to avoid any mishaps when hanging mirrors and pictures this weekend.

Click How to hang a framed Mirror

Click for The correct way to measure a mirror for a wall

Click for instructions on how to glue a glass mirror to  a wall using AC015 mirror Adhesive.

Click for instructions on how to glue an acrylic mirror to the wall using our AC035 mirror adhesive.

Click our simple Guide on how to screw a mirror into the wall

Click on our simple guide how to clean your Antique mirror to the wall.

Click how to fit a framed mirror to the wall with zbars.


Showcasing this Spring’s Hottest Contemporary Mirrors


Bold and stylish, this stunningly simple contemporary leather frame, combines large proportions & exquisite craftsmanship. The soft leather and polished metalwork of the frame, brings a real sense of contrast and individuality to any room it adorns.



This classic rectangular frame with its lovingly crafted mirror is very simplistic in its design. Despite this simplicity, the frame has an effortless chic and conveys a sense of contemporary stylishness and class with its contrasting black glass and mirr
ored frame.



This cheval mirror with its simple glass frame in the Venetian style combines size and elegance perfectly. Despite the simplicity of the frame there is nothing dreary about this mirror. The simple elegance of the glass frame simply provides allows the mirror to be a stunning contemporary focal point. In short, this is a mirror to create your style around.



A stunning contemporary frame with bevelled designs on each corner, surrounds an elegantly crafted bevelled edge mirror. This mirror combines the contemporary frame style of simple and elegant glass, with the Venetian style of subtle carvings on an all glass frame, allowing the owner to add elements of antiquity and modernism to their design simultaneously. This piece simply oozes class and sophistication.

A large Venetian mirror with an angled frame made from glass mirror. The bold dimensions of the wide frame and central section create an eye-catching feature by both reflecting and expanding their surroundings. Unexpectedly playful with surprising depths of reflection, this mirror is vibrant and attention-grabbing allowing it to work perfectly in both contemporary and classical spaces. A decadent design that will create a focal point in any room.

Showcasing the Frames the Designers Love

This frame is hand-carved with a simple design and covered in a soft gold finish. The modest style of this frame allows the emphasis to be placed on the mirror inside it and other areas of the room, whilst still providing the perfect complement to many styles and design ideas. And, at 3.2inches wide, the frame is large enough to hold most mirrors comfortably.

This frame is more ornate, with the exquisite scrollwork, lovingly carved into the central stretch of the frame, relieved by smaller  scrollwork to the outside edge and attention grabbing lines towards the inside. The yellow-gold finish provides a sumptuous, bold character to any mirror it adorns, creating a sense of drama, without compromising the elegance of any room it features in.

Simple and elegant classical lines in French white, this frame is the epitome of the subtly trendy shabby-chic look. The soft off-white/ivory finish to the frame allows it to be the focal point or an accompaniment in any style of room in features in; it’s up to you which. And, at 7.5cm wide this frame is comfortable housing mirrors of almost any size.

Only 5cm wide, this frame has enough character to belie its slight stature. Adorned with complex and intricate carvings, the hard silver finish adds a grace and sophistication to this frame. Its thin profile allows it to embellish the edge of the mirror it houses gently, allowing the mirror to be the star and blend seamlessly into the style of whatever room it is present in. This                                                          frame is the perfect garnish for myriad styles this year.

This classically styled L-Profile frame is embellished lovingly with intricate scrollwork along its whole face. Finished in a silver/bronze it is bang on trend for 2015. The softness of the colour allowing it to either be the main attraction in your room or a decoration in a room where something else is the focal point. Whatever style you go for, this frame won’t disappoint you.