Mirrors, Maximizing Light & Space – Tip 6

No. 6 Group several small mirrors together;

as we all know, large mirrors can be quite pricey. Smaller, cheaper mirrors can easily be found at second hand shops, discount shops and antique shops.

When you’ve found your preferred group of mirrors, either paint the frames the same colour if you want to go for the more utilitarian look, or for a more eclectic style, leave them as a jumble. Once you’ve decided, get creative; build your own large mirror from your smaller ones.

Unlike with a single mirror (except expensively cut contemporary ones), you can choose to create interesting shapes, or just stay within the normal bounds of rectangular or circular formations.

You can use this method to make a really interesting group of different mirrors act almost the same as one large mirror would. Plus, you get the benefit of having a variety of frames, so no more painstaking decisions between the two you really like – just have them both. Really make a statement with them.

You could even go one step further and make a feature of a broken mirror. This can be not only a great way to jazz up your room, it can also be a fun DIY project. All you need is a mirror the size you want, a piece of plywood slightly bigger than the mirror, some paint, and some no more nails. If you choose to do it yourself, ensure you sand sharp edges down properly or place well out of reach of children.

Also, using this technique you can create interesting effects with the reflected light as it will refract slightly differently from each surface, depending on its height from the wall etc.