Is your Home using Warm Tones?

How do we define the Temperature of a room?

Tone normally comes in temperature, and this normally defines what makes some rooms look more inviting than others. Warm tones are cosy and inviting, normally consisting of reds, oranges and yellows. They remind us of the comfort of a fireplace, the zesty out layers of oranges and lemons or even the kiss of the sun during a hot summer’s day.

Then you have your cool tones, you get calm and relaxing vibes from these. They’re made up of greens, blues and purples, often reminding us of the lush lapis liquor that is the ocean, or a flurry of snow from a cold and brittle winter night.

Then you have your neutral colours, basically just whites, but they stand between warm and cold tones as they’re both polar opposites of one another. White may seem like a boring colour, but it has way more pros than it does cons! You can check out our previous post going over this!

So which tones go together and which tones don’t?

If you check out the image above, you can use warm furniture to go with neutral coloured walls OR you can pull a reverse card on it and use neutral coloured furniture on warm walls! Why does this work though? Since neutrals are sat right next to warm tones on the temperature spectrum, it makes sense that they would crack on with each other.

If you’re going to do this though, we highly recommend you use warm shades of white! These are just whites that fall under yellows and oranges. You have an unlimited set of options in your disposal such as Platinum, Timberwolf, Porcelain etc. These will help your whites not look too harsh or over-exposed against your colours, they’ll blend in more but still be distinguishable.

As much as we love our homes being alluring, vibrant and exciting, it would be consequential not adding any highlights to break up parts of the room, otherwise it would all be same-old same-old!

Can you use Warm Colours with Cool Colours?

Of course you can! In the art world, rules are made to be broken all the time. We’re always looking for a new spin on things and this is how you could do it: Make the whole room cool in colour, but use warm furniture. This way, the contrast is a lot more prominent as the temperatures are polar opposites. Your furniture will also look much more inviting in comparison with the rest of the room. If you see a warm orange bed in the middle of a cold blue room, it makes you want to get in the bed more simply because of how warm it looks!

Are you using warm tones in your home? Let us know and possibly get your home featured in one of our blog posts!