Discover the Perfect Gift – Antique Mirrors

Antique Mirrors – the Perfect Gift

If you listen carefully enough you’ll be able to hear them. Moving, turning, the wheels are in motion, ideas screeching from underneath the friction of thought, looking for the answer to the question meandering through the nation’s minds – what gifts to buy for Christmas.

Buying presents for friends and family is hard enough, but if you’re buying for friends who are a couple, it can be even trickier. Buying home appliances is too boring, his and hers items too personal and most other things either too tacky or too expensive. But there is something you can buy, something that’s sure to show you’ve thought about what you’ve bought, something that’s sure to benefit them both – and their house; a beautiful wall mirror.

Now you’ve turned a corner, you know what you’re buying, but the finish line still isn’t in sight, you need to decide what kind of mirror you’re going to buy them. At Mirror World we provide a selection of fine mirrors sure to suit all different styles of home décor. For Christmas we recommend one of our antique mirrors, which come in glamorous designs, sure to impress any couple come December 25th.

Our antique mirrors help to create a traditional, classic look for the walls of any home, effortlessly oozing style and sophistication to provide a fabulous feature for halls, bedrooms or living rooms. Antique mirrors are a stunning way to add elegance to a room and are sure to give your friend’s home a delightful dash of character.

Alternatively, if you think your friends would prefer something slightly different to traditional antique mirrors, we highly recommend overmantle mirrors. Sitting above the fire place, they’re the ideal finishing touch for living rooms, adding a cosy touch and adding extra space – they make terrific use of light and really open up an area.

Our collection of antique and overmantle mirrors are built by highly skilled British craftsmen, taking influence from Victorian, French and traditional styles, made from wood, with beautiful coating options of gold and silver leaf.

So there you have it, you’ve reached the finish line and found something ideal, mirrors, a superb gift idea for your friends. Don’t hesitate to browse through the full collection on our website or contact our team to discuss your requirements.