What Effect Do Mirrors Have On Animals?

When horses are stabled alone, a small percentage of them are prone to a behaviour known as ‘weaving’. This is a series of actions such as the side to side swaying of their necks, forequarters and even their whole bodies. This behaviour is generally…

Mirrors at the Terrace Suite with Inara Interiors

Here at Mirrorworld it isn’t unusual for us to get asked to provide really massive mirrors. And that’s just what one of our regular customers, Dawn Pirie of Inara Interiors asked us for when she was charged with the design of The Terrace Suite…

Reality TV Star, Hayley Leitch talks about her new mirror from Mirrorworld

Reality TV Star Hayley Leitch from tv shows Move with Me and Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners has started her new You Tube Channel called Hayley’s Help. In the video on the link below, Hayley talks about her lovely new mirror that she got from us…

Five Mirrors that will make your home look stylish.

Home retail stores up and down the country, love to sell modern and contemporary mirrors but this doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for more Traditional Antique Styled mirrors. Antique styled mirrors are very seductive.  Placing one in a room setting traditional or modern…

Is what you see in the mirror always there?

 Mirrors can cause hallucinations. The old Halloween trick of staring at yourself in a mirror until a weird illusion is created is beginning to be investigated by scientists. When sitting in a dark room, gaze at your face in a mirror from around 3…

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