We are sweet on peach

June 21, 2017

Just recently we have been seriously gushing about blush pink and how it’s the hottest trend amongst greenery and houseplants in home décor at the moment… but we’ve just been thrown a curve ball in the shade of peach.

We’re reading that peach is the new pink, that peach is having a real moment right now and peach is simply the way forward in interior decoration. We are feeling swayed, despite our loyalty to the colour pink with our new layered acrylic circle mirror.

Our questions is, if you are going to embrace peach, how should you do it?

There are several ways according to bloggers like Swoonworthy and Flat 15.  Swoonworthy pairs it with warm, rusty colours of the spring/summer season like terracotta. While Flat 15 blogger, Gabriella Palumbo, teams peach shades with tan and cream colours.

We took to the board and experimented with which of our tan or rusty mirrors really match with peach-y shades and items.

We found our large rococo ornate gold framed mirror with bevelled glass sat perfectly on a peach painted wall surrounded by vintage style cream and deep rusty coloured items.

For a lighter look, we loved matching peach colours with our traditional aged white framed mirror with bevelled glass.. it’s a more summery way of using this colour, especially with the stunning peach pink Art Deco sofa we found.



Credits: Leather armchair, NYTexas.com; Peach and copper pillow, Zazzle, £25; Smart Light GRETA lamp, The Lighting Company, £35.77; UGG Cream throw, Polyvore, £80; Peach woven wall hanging, Weaving my story on Etsy; Peach pink sofa, found on Archicouture blog; Shabbu chic bedside table in antique cream, Middle England on eBay, £88.

So what is the verdict?… we may have been won over!

Who else is team peach? 🍑


Plants (not smoke) and mirrors

May 26, 2017

If you are a loyal follower of Mirrorworld on Twitter you will already know that we have a crazy stupid love for houseplants.

And we just want to say… it’s not an unjustified love.

You may not realise this but mirrors and plants are the perfect partners in home décor.

Plants and mirrorsYou can see from our mood board how you go from a small – and perhaps measly – houseplant on a shelf to a mini jungle with this clever mirror placement.

The best plants to do this with are extra leafy ones like the Chinese Evergreen, Grape Ivy or Snake Plants. All of these leafy, chunky plants will give a beautiful baby forest illusion.

And with Greenery being the popular choice for Pantone’s colour of the year, what better way to enhance the shade than this ‘mini’ jungle effect!

This trick is brilliant for plants that you still love but aren’t always as bright and beautiful as they can be, the mirror can make them look bigger in the room – making you (and them) feel like it makes a pretty contribution to the room instead of fading in the background.

You can even try this look outside, to make a small garden look twice the size! Make your mirror bespoke, (try our online design tool here), by choosing a larger more impactful mirror.

The best mirrors to put with lush plants are on our mood board below, featuring a golden antique favourite, one to weave vines into, a mirror with a flowing holiday feel and the oversized mirror for the garden effect!

Embrace the leaves and greenery this year with plants and mirrors  – enjoy! 🌿

Credit for images: Fast Care Brussels, Style and Cheek, Minford.

Coming up rosy

May 5, 2017

Want your home to be a haven, a place to relax and chill at the end of the day?

Then why not embrace blush pink? This rosy hue has left behind its floral, girly associations this season to take on a sophisticated feel in bedrooms and living rooms.

Blush - mirrorworld

Teamed with classic grey or navy and copper accents, blush conveys a grown-up yet romantic feel that’s peaceful yet welcoming.

For those with a wilder side, this calming colour can be combined with animal prints, giving them a softer feel than the nightclub glitz and glamour you might associate with zebra and leopard patterns.

After a more traditional feel? Opt for ornate, opulent accessories like our bow decorated mirrors in palest pink for a simpler, more modern take on boudoir chic, or bring a fresh feel to Art Deco by pairing the classic lines of our pink stained glass mirror with glass and chrome or copper to create a light, bright living space.

Products: Blush Pink Bow Mirror from £12.95, Bow Oval Mirror in Pink from £12.95 and Art Deco Mirror with Blush Pink Accents from £339.95.

Credit to: Artvintagedecor on Etsy for Blush Pink Canvas and Hammeredmules.com for Copper Cups.

Good luck decorating this Spring!

Reflect on love

February 13, 2017

Valentines blog banner image

Valentine’s day is the one day a year dedicated to showing how much you appreciate your loved one. Why not take advantage of the day by showing some love to your home too?

This year, treat your other half to one of our award-winning mirrors as a sign of your appreciation, or better still hang a mirror in your home to reflect how much you care every day.

If you want to bring a touch of passion and romance to your home this February, introduce more reds and pinks into your home. These two colours are enhanced when paired with neutral tones such as whites, or warm natural shades of wood.

If you’re brave enough to get out the paintbrush, a deep red, or bright pink can look amazing. If you want to play it safe, colours can be added subtly by using candles, statement pieces of furniture, cushions or even canvases to introduce an accent colour.

So, embrace Valentine’s day and browse our range of acrylic mirrors – including heart-shaped mirror, his and hers mirrors or our lips mirror. We also have many other styles to showcase your inner cupid through your decor.

Whatever your taste we have a guaranteed style for everyone.

Happy decorating this Valentine’s!

Award-winning Mirrorworld

February 8, 2017
Build Award Winning Mirror

A Manchester company has won ‘Best Bespoke Mirror Manufacturer – North West England’ in the 2017 Interior Design Awards by Build.

Mirrorworld, based in Swinton, was contacted by the digital publication and told the exciting news.

The company, established from humble beginning as a bespoke framing studio and has been trading for over 30 years growing into the UK’s leading mirror specialist and now designs, manufactures and sells over 5,000 different styles of mirrors.

Mirrorworld has invested heavily in state of art new machinery over the last few years. The warehouse now houses a millimetre-perfect laser cutting machine, CNC machine, Mirror Laminator, edging machine and new wall saw to name a few.

Each piece of machinery added to the warehouse has been purchased to ensure Mirrorworld can offer its customers the widest range of choice, and the team of innovative staff are encouraged to help design and create new mirrors to add to the growing range.

The company has created mirrors that have been delivered to every type of customer from Mr & Mrs Smith through to Interior Designers, Hotels, Restaurants, hospitals, school and building projects.  They have always taken pride in their mirrors and try and meet all their customer’s needs.

Speaking about the award, Andrew Taylor, General Manager at Mirrorworld, said: “We are truly grateful to have won the award for Best Bespoke Mirror Manufacturer in the North West.

“Mirrorworld has worked hard over the years to grow its bespoke portfolio of mirrors and can now boast the largest range of bespoke mirror offerings in the UK.

“An award like this helps us focus on providing our customers with beautiful bespoke products made to high standards at reasonable prices.”

The award is the first interior design award run by Build and the awards were judged on merit by the in-house judging panel.

The awards are dedicated to uncovering and rewarding the very best in technical innovation, design and service.

A spokeswoman for Build said: “The 2017 Interior Design Awards have been introduced to honour those firms and individuals who have taken every challenge head on, putting their heart and soul into their work and creating a solid client base.”

The magazine is read by over 110,000 industry experts around the globe each month, with the majority of its readership being in the interior design sector

Feng Shui your home

January 27, 2017

This year, we here at Mirrorworld, are looking forward to enjoying Chinese New Year, the year of the Rooster! With all the excitement and celebration, we are set to embrace the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement.  It is used to control the flow of chi (life energy) in the home, garden, office, etc.  Feng Shui is working with things as they are to try to bring harmony and balance into your life with your surroundings.

Mirrors can add calm and order to your home – if you follow these simple Feng Shui rules.

  • Do hang mirrors to bring in beautiful views of nature from the outdoors, activating healthy Chi energy indoors.


  • Do use mirrors where they’ll add light and movement to your space.  Add a large mirror to a long dark hallway to draw Chi energy down the hall, helping it circulate around your home.


  • Do hang a mirror near your entrance. This will give you a positive glimpse of yourself on your way out the door.



  • Don’t hang a mirror so it reflects you within 5 feet of entering your home.  This will cause your Chi energy to bounce back out the door.


  • Don’t hang mirrors with distorted or antiqued surfaces.   Over time as you see yourself in them, you will come to feel distorted or prematurely aged yourself.


  • Don’t hang a mirror too high or too low. It must be at a height where you can perfectly see at least your entire head and shoulders, and those of anyone with whom you share your home.


It is important to understand that there are several different schools of feng shui, as well as a strong culturally specific symbolic aspect of feng shui that you have to use intelligently.


Do your own research and see what works for you, in the meantime we recommend looking at our designer range, in particular the Ovale



Why be blue about blue?

January 23, 2017

There is no need to suffer from January Blues.

Blue is actually a colour for creating calming, relaxing and serene environments. It’s often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Warmer blues in living rooms and kitchens, such as periwinkle or brighter shades like cerulean, can encourage relaxation in these more social areas of the home.

Balancing light blue walls with warm hues for furnishings and fabrics will keep your room from feeling chilly. However instead of painting the walls blue, which might bring in that chilly atmosphere, try using neutral paints and adding blue accessories. Cushions, candles, vases and, of course, mirrors…

We have a few art deco mirrors to help you embrace Blue January instead of veering away from it with a hint go Gatsby style.


art deco blue

From left to right… Dome, Jagged and Fan Art Deco mirrors…

Or browse our range of over 5,000 mirrors for something else beautiful and blue.

Have fun decorating as we end Blue January. ☺️






Rod Stewart is Sailing but not selling?

December 22, 2016


The legendary Sir Rod Stewart has blessed us with his musical talent since the 1960’s, and to that sir, we thank you!

As much as we love his music… we aren’t sure we have the same taste in interior decor.

Rod’s Durrington House mansion in Essex has been a project he has been working on for 2 years and you would think potential purchasers would be queueing up to put in their bids for this mansion.

However, the £5million property is struggling to sell and he’s reportedly knocked £500,000 off the asking price.

It is a truly magnificent mansion on the outside. The garden is exquisite and it even comes with its own football pitch!

Yet the interior isn’t exactly state of the art. Instead of chic and modern, it is more swags and chintz. More frills than fantastic.

The Maggie Mae singer is currently touring and has recently joined the two Mikes on talkSPORT defending his interior design choices, after a journalist commented that his house looks out of date.

Well Rod, we have some ideas that we have put together on a Pinterest board that would make Durrington sell in an instant. With these changes, we think your mansion could be sexy.

Dining Room –


Rod has gone for a traditional manor house look. We feel like this is a little outdated and we would go a different route.




We would opt for a sleek modern look with a bold grey feature wall, tiled floor and modern ceiling lights. This teamed with a classic table would give the dining room a luxury feel.



Our ‘Boston’ mirror from Mirrorworld’s Designer Collection would add light, elegance and substance to the room, and the frames would add that extra touch of luxury.


Living Room –

As we can see, Rod has gone for Victorian Opulence which suits classical pieces.







But we think a touch of modern flair is needed. We would introduce a clean and simple colour scheme as well as neutral furniture with accents of colour.


The Curva mirror from Mirrorworld’s Designer Collection would go perfectly with this room as the simple design allows it to be a piece that doesn’t overshadow the statement furniture, and instead, complements the simplicity of the room.


Bedroom –

picture1Rod’s bedroom has swags of style, but it isn’t modern. This frenzy of frills isn’t to everyone’s taste.




Modernising the bedroom would add that touch of class and ooze sophistication.

By using warm lighting and simple decor it would create an opulent room to retreat to.

Our ‘Trio’ mirrors from Mirrorworld’s Designer Collection would add a statement piece and a touch of elegance in the bedroom.

9When placed above the headboard, the trio of mirrors will help bounce the warm lighting around the room.

So Rod, when it comes to interior design remember, every picture tells a story.

I’m dreaming of a light Christmas

December 5, 2016


Christmas is the time to spend time with your nearest and dearest … but is your home ready for the additional visitors?

When you pull those dusty boxes own from the attic packed full of baubles, tinsel and holly wreaths, an area often over looked is what else hangs up in your home.

After meticulously wrapping strings of Christmas lights around your Christmas trees, banisters (and house plants!), you can double the impact of the warm light created with a single addition – a well-placed mirror.

With trends for 2017 anticipated to move away from the popular coppers and more towards other metallics such as gold luxe, brass and silver, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a pre-Christmas treat and a bit of seasonal bling.


Here are our top picks to make your Christmas feel even more magical:

  • Stunning antique-style round gold decorative Roccoco mirror, £99.95
  • Sumptuously decadent French Style Swept frame wall mirror with a gold finish, combining massive proportions with a craftsmanship rarely found, £199.95
  • Bold and striking this ornate frame with intricate detailing is truly beautiful and ideal as an overmantle mirror or to bring a touch of opulence to any room, £224.95

Take a look at www.Mirrorworld.co.uk for over 5,000 different styles of mirror.



Don’t Let DIY Disasters Strike This Easter

March 19, 2015

With the arrival – finally, we hope – of the sun, a rapidly recovering economy and a well-deserved bank holiday after a lengthy wait since New Year’s Day all rolled into one, the Easter weekend can mean only one thing: a frenzy of DIY and gardening – and all of the shopping that goes with it.


Easter weekend is always one of the busiest of the year for DIYers and retailers of home and garden products alike, due to the amount of time the weekend provides for people to begin to tackle DIY projects around the home. According to research, people are more likely to try something ambitious around the Easter period. Our advice is to prepare well to make sure you avoid mishaps.


According to a poll carried out by researchers 72 Point, there are more people planning to carry out gardening and DIY work this Easter than there are planning to take a mini-break or a holiday away from home. The survey found that, in fact, the average person is planning to spend a minimum of fifteen hours carrying out a mixture of jobs around the home; mostly DIY work, closely followed by gardening related tasks.

To help to make sure that all of your bases are covered, here for the first time, collated into one place are all of the information articles we’ve produced to help you to avoid any mishaps when hanging mirrors and pictures this weekend.