Two-Way Mirrors

Now you see me, now you don't

Two-way mirrors are a very improbable type of mirror. Often known by other names, such as a one-way mirror, one-way glass, spy mirror, magic mirror, mirrorpane or smart mirror. Whichever name you know them by, one thing is for certain, they are incredible. With 100’s of varying uses, their abilities are only limited by one's imagination. For use in domestic and commercial projects, we know we have the right two-way mirror for you.

What is Two-way mirror?

Put very simply, Two-way mirror is either a clear glass or acrylic sheet, specially coated on one side or containing a coated laminate. The coating allows light to pass through the clear sheet in a restricted fashion, i.e. limiting the amount of light from one side more than the other. When less light comes through, the glass/acrylic appears as a mirrored surface, conversely as more light comes through, the glass/acrylic appears as a clear sheet of glass, although normally with a slight tint.


Traditionally, Two-way mirrors have a more sedentary role, moreover, a means of seeing without being seen. We’ve all seen the cop shows, where other officers look on through a mirrored window, in the real world, observation plays a vital role in many other walks of life too. Focus group observation, medical and clinical observation, entertainment such as Big Brother and Hidden camera shows. Security for Banks, Supermarkets and Airports. These are all real-life situations where two-way mirrors play a vital role.

Smart Mirror

This is definitely the on-trend function of two-way mirror. With the right application, a simple mirror can become a useful information point or clever visual display. We’ve helped many clients develop these stunning futurist mirrors with our glass and aided them with the right type of two-way for their project.

Art & Design

For those of us with a more artistic flair, two-way mirrors can be utilised to create not just spectacular and striking pieces of art but stimulating and thought-provoking ones too. Having provided both glass and acrylic two-way mirror countless such pieces, Mirrorworld is here to help your creativity come to life. Check out Google images for “art using two-way mirror” for a little inspiration.

commercial use

Two-way mirrors also have some serious commercial applications too. Not least, their growing and rapidly expanding use in the fashion industry. Utilised in the creation of state of the art points of sale, where, with just a couple of hand gestures buyers can try on anything in the store, quickly, in any size or colour and with not a dressing room in sight.

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