Why your home relies on Shapes

We all want to occasionally know why things just don’t look right in our homes… “Why does this lamp not look right in the table?” Well today we’ll be teaching you all the secrets behind that so you have an eye for what works and what doesn’t before purchasing anything you don’t need!

So what decor works and which ones don’t?

In the example image, we can see how there’s no issue with the products being used, but repetition is an exception for one but not the other. This is because all shapes come with different types of context.

Circles are often associated with Smooth, Calm and Safe. Squares are static, strong and secure. But triangles are sharp, dynamic and dangerous; why do you think warning signs are triangle shaped?

People pick circular mirrors because they look safe and bring a sense of tranquillity to a room. People pick square mirrors because they look stable and unbreakable. We never ever see a triangular mirror in a showroom or on sale because they remind people of shattered shards of glass!

How can we use shapes to tell what looks busy and what doesn’t?

Designers always take silhouettes in mind before moving forward with any project. There are normally two types: either a simple one or a busy one. Simple is as simple does, it could just be a basic shape and look a bit plain on their own, but they work very well in repetition. Where as a more convoluted shape is busy, but it stands out as a lot more of an interesting shape to look at, but sets of them make a space too busy.

So what’s best for my home? An abstract piece of décor and repetition of basic shapes?

Honestly, it’s down to how you want people to interpret your room. If you’d like something you want to show off to your guests and grab their attention whenever they come into the room, go for the abstract piece. If you’re just looking to fill space in an efficient manner whilst delivering a soothing simplicity to the room, go for the basic décor. Either way by following these methods, you’re bound to have an interesting home for your guests to explore.