Why do walls help our home?

Walls? What’s so special about them? They literally just keep the roof over our heads and that’s it, or at least that’s what some people think.

You literally have a giant canvas at your disposal! What if you throw a design up that you don’t like? Paint over it and do it again! The great thing about walls is that their layers are like history, and you’re contributing to that every time you experiment and do something new with them!

You never need to do anything over-complicated with them, there’s a good rule of design: KISS, Keep it simple stupid! Either go out and purchase a wallpaper design or just paint them all one colour, it works like a charm either way.

Did we mention that they can help you save space? Everyone is always filling their floors with tables and furniture, but walls are great for storage and decor too! Bring some shelves into the picture, give yourself more space to run rampant!

Walls are also an excellent light source believe it or not! A room is a small box for light to bounce around in, so naturally, the light will carry a little of everything it bounces off from. If you have a red room, red is going to bounce everywhere; if you have a white room, white is going to bounce everywhere. Black isn’t reflective so we tend to avoid having rooms this colour for that very reason.

And just in case you thought we weren’t going to put this out there, it’s great for mirrors too! Do mirrors even have a purpose being on your wall though? Well for starters they’re the ultimate source of light in themselves. You can even get away with having a black room by using mirrors to break everything up and catch whatever light it can! They also create the illusion of depth and space in your home, instantly making everything look larger, as if storing everything on the walls wasn’t enough for you!

Never underestimate walls though, or any part of your home for that matter! Every bit of decor has a silver lining to it, you just need to find a way of complimenting or embracing it.