Using Table Centre mirrors to enhance a display.

Table Centerpiece mirrors make a wonderful addition to any decorative centerpiece.

Ever since tables have been dressed with flowers and other decorative pieces for embellishment, further modifications and improvements have followed. Of course it was only a matter of time before mirrors were used for both practical and decorative purposes.

Table centre mirrors are most commonly shaped either circular or rectangular but may in actual fact be any shape at all. Mirrorworld stock various sizes and shaped to suit all table decorations.

From a decorative perspective, mirrors help to enhance the display, usually floral, by allowing the observer to see the display from all angles, both highlighting and accentuating colours and shape of the display, the shape of the mirrors to, can add to the display, especially in the case of Acrylic centrepiece mirrors, when these can be cut in any desired shape or pattern, the shape of a wedding couples initials, for example.

On the practical side, the mirrors can simply act as a barrier between a dripping vase and an expensive tablecloth or the varnish on a beautiful highly polish table.

WHERE ARE THE USED? Many table centres are used at celebratory and special events, such as weddings, birthdays and anniversary meal, when the table decorations add to the sense of occasion and when a beautifully decorated table can certainly add to the atmosphere of the celebrations. However, many are also found adorning table tops or side cabinets in home or hotel lobbies and rooms, the choice really is yours.

For simple yet elegant centrepieces for your anniversary, wedding or birthday, our mirror centrepieces are just what you need for table decorations so stunning, your family and friends won’t realise they only took moments to create. If you place a mirror base undeneath your centerpiece you can then add acrylic diamond or led candles onto the mirror to bring some colour onto the table to raise the level of your centerpiece. .

You can also complement your table centrepiece mirrors with vases filled with fairy lights, pillar candles or beautiful flowers surrounded by LED Tea Lights.


Mirrored tables centreS can come in all shapes and sizes, in both glass and acrylic. Glass table centres are available as either Circles or Squares, are 4mm thick and have polished smooth edgings. They can be purchased as either a single item or in larger quantities, where large discounts are available.

Acrylic mirrors for table centres, on the other hand, come with no such limitation of shape come in a gauge of 3mm and with a lasered edge for that smoother polished effect. We can also offer shaped table centre mirrors that are only limited by your imagination.

Specialist coloured mirrors are also available too, when choosing acrylic over the glass alternative, sadly though, only when purchasing in commercial quantities of 20+

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