Should we still pride ourselves on quality material?

Over the past few decades, purchasing a mirror has become easy and more affordable than ever. You can easily go into one of the Range’s stores in the UK and buy something bespoke-looking for a fair price. That’s the thing though, you get what you pay for.

As you get older, we underestimate the enormity of everyday tasks, so naturally, you would like better quality tools. A gas hob to get heat quicker, a hoover with more accessibility to tight spots, even softer toilet paper.

So where do mirrors come into this? When you compare a mass-produced mirror compared to a custom-made mirror just for you, I think the issue speaks for itself: it’s a mirror for the masses, not YOU specifically.

We buy those luxurious framed mirrors for £14.99 online become they had that gorgeous wooden texture bordering them, only to find out the material is plastic and the paint coating has used the bristles of a brush to make the wooden fibres look authentic. Not to say that these aren’t effective, because by all means, the beauty of design all comes into the illusion of quality. But there’s a point where we wish to stop dreaming and actually want to treat ourselves to that luxury.

If we want a wooden frame, we want to brush our thumb against the grain and smell the earthy musk of that oak and the thick perfume of a cheeky wax coating. And then we get to the glass itself, which is a whole game-changer in itself. The slightest blemish in glass can cause distortion, leading to self-consciousness about your appearance, or even how your home looks from someone else’s perspective. We pride ourselves on providing even-surfaced glass to ensure no distortion whatsoever when you see your reflection.

What do you think? Do you have any materials you pride yourself on? Let us know, we’d love to hear!