Is what you see in the mirror always there?

 Mirrors can cause hallucinations. The old Halloween trick of staring at yourself in a mirror until a weird illusion is created is beginning to be investigated by scientists.

When sitting in a dark room, gaze at your face in a mirror from around 3 feet away, keep staring at yourself for about 10 minutes. At first you’ll find small distortions in your face, then, you will gradually begin to see more dramatic changes – you may begin to look like a waxwork, or like your face doesn’t belong to you, you may see a series of faces, or the faces of fantastical monsters or creatures staring back. It is this dissociative state that scientist are investigating to try and discern more about our sense of identity.


Psychologists believe it may even help schizophrenics to be made to confront their ‘other selves’.