Professional Tips – How to hang a mirror

One of the questions we’re regularly asked by our customers is, ‘Now I’ve bought my mirror, how do I hang it properly?’ So we thought it would be a good idea to write a step by step guide to walk you through the various ways you can hang a mirror to make sure that you don’t ruin your beautiful new mirror, or your wall. 

First of all, you have to choose where you want to hang your mirror. Try to pick a spot where the mirror can hang with room to spare and in general, you will want to have the middle of the mirror at eye level.

Once you’ve chosen your desired bit of wall, clear a space and make sure that you have room around you to work in – if, God forbid, you were to drop your mirror, you wouldn’t want to drop it onto your furniture, would you?

After you’ve got everything out of the way, if your wall is a stud wall, use a stud finder to find where the supporting beams are and mark off both edges of each stud. You’ll want to use these to anchor the nails you use in, otherwise your mirror will be secured only by plasterboard – which can be disastrous if your mirror is heavy. If you’re using a solid stone or brick wall, just pick your spot with impunity.

Having marked off the centre of the studs you’ll be using, measure your mirror and mount D-rings on either side of your mirror, about 6 inches from the top of the frame. Then attach screws to the bottom of the frame, one each side of the central point. Double over some metal wire and thread it through the eye of one of the screws and up through the D-rings, then back down through the eye of the other screw. Remember to leave a bit of slack for when you hang the mirror.

When your mirror is wired and ready to go, lift it to the position you want it in and use a pencil to mark the wall along the top side of the mirror at its centre. Use a level to draw a line across this mark, ensuring that it’s exactly parallel to the floor.

Find two studs that are inside the area your mirror will occupy and as close to the edges as possible. On each stud, measure about 4 or 5 inches down from the line where the top of your mirror will hang and make a mark in exactly the same spot on either side. Use a level to make sure the marks line up, they’re where you’ll insert the supports to hang your mirror from.

Before you attach the hanging screws to the wall, ensure they’re capable of holding a larger weight than that of your mirror, then install a hanger into each of the spots you’ve marked off. Drill holes that are narrower than the screws you’re using, then screw the screws in, making sure there’s enough left protruding for the wire to sit on.

When this is done, lift the mirror into place and gently place the wire onto the hanging screws. Finally, adjust the mirror, using the line you drew, and/or a level, to ensure your mirror is perfectly straight, then gently rub the line you drew off the wall. 

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