Transform your wall

Mirrorworld can provide a wide selection of mirror tiles, perfect for decorating any room and adding a trendy, contemporary touch. Mirror tiles are incredibly versatile and can be used in any way you wish and can be arranged on a wall in many different patterns and formations.

Our tiles come in a many different styles, shapes and finishes, from small individual tiles to large statement size tiles, like those needed for covering large expanses of wall.

Tiles can be finished with a bevelled or simple Polished edge and certainly in the case of acrylic mirror tiles, virtually any shape you can think of. 

Remember mirror tiles don’t just need to be placed together on the wall, you can use shaped mirror tiles to make your entire wall a feature point. The standard tile is, of course, square or rectangular and are great for adding extra light and an extra dimension to any room in the home.

Easy to install and easy to maintain, mirror tiles are a great option when looking to do something a little bit different with your interiors. The same high-quality mirror glass is used throughout our bespoke mirror-only service too, for a perfect reflection every time.

With numerous options including, polished or bevelled edges, aged and antique glass, Clearview heating pads, 4m and 6mm glass, standard, premium or foil-backing, pre-drilled holes, cutouts, shapes and a whole host of fittings, be assured we have it covered.

In the last few years, we have seen a growing trend in Antique Mirrors, Interior designers love to work with them as they can create a dramatic focal point in the home as well as complimenting and coordinating with the design theme. We offer a range of different Antique Mirrors and samples can be obtained by calling our sales team.

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It will soon be Halloween, so why not pick up your own spooky Halloween mirror from our store whilst stocks last.  Check out our Halloween mirror selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our mirrors shops.

Wee have a great selection of spooky mirrors that include, Zombie, Vampire, Witch, Werewolves and so many more.  Visit our website and view our spooky mirrors by clicking this link: Take me to the Scary

These haunting “reflections” will spook your guests and visitors turning any home into a house that the Addams Family would approve of… We use the latest state of the Art Laser Machines and can create bespoke Halloween Mirrors simply ask our sales team for further information.

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Get the va-va-voom back in the home.

When your room is starting to look a bit old and tired and you need something to give it its va-va-voom back? Use a mirror to give your room a fresh new look.

Creating your ideal frame or mirror is easy with our customised services. The ultimate in customisation and exclusivity with our made to measure service. Whether you’re looking for something extra special and completely unique our made to measure mirrors are just that, made to measure – to your exact specifications.

Stunning Oversized Mirror perfectly compliments this room setting.

Choose the shape and size of your personalised mirror and the material used for the frame (if you want one) and create the mirror perfect for your home. Our unique service allows you to create a truly bespoke mirror which is completely special to you, something you can treasure forever.  This combination of innovation, quality and style is, we believe, what really gives us a unique identity and ensures our customers return to us again and again.

Elegance in Simplicity.

Have an idea for a mirror?

A bespoke service to match your exact requirements

Our friendly staff are waiting to help you every step of the way to your dream mirror design!

Customise every detail including…

  • choose from a wide range of frame styles
  • cut to your exact dimensions
  • various types of glass and acrylic available
  • decide between bevelled and plain edges
  • holes and fittings arranged to suit you

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handcrafted Bespoke leather mirrors.

Sophisticated leather mirrors can always be relied upon and are the interior designer’s goto solution for adding a wonderfully opulent finishing touch to any room.

With Mirrorworld, you can choose from a wide selection of hides included both real leathers, in a rainbow of colours, handcrafted by our time served upholsterers, to bring you a unique an exceptional piece of luxurious décor.

Each frame in individually created to your exact requirements, painstaking stitched, creating a genuinely individual piece of work. Making the most of our bespoke tailored leather frames allows the choice of not only the leather it’self in a range of styles and colours but the width of the frame, the colour of stitching, the style of the stitching and of the course, the amount of padding, from a contemporary flat design to one of plumped up indulgence.

With their sleek and smooth finish that can ideally complement a pristine mirror surface, leather mirror framing provides a fantastic sense of style and sophistication. A leather mirror is a lesson commonly embraced option than the many wood or metal framing choices, but with the high quality leather surrounds we have on offer, you can select a model with a striking sense of artistry and originality that could adorn any room in your home or business space.

Whether you choose a fully leather frame, or pair it with suede or stainless steel, a leather mirror provides a stunning option to frame your glass mirror, particularly a beautiful bevelled mirror option. With colour choices such as a sleek black, a soft cream and a sparkling white option, our leather mirrors can blend ideally with leather furniture, but also work in spaces with no other leather items to heighten their sense of originality.

Leather framing can be employed with mirrors of various shapes and sizes, but they are particularly beloved as an option to be hung horizontally in a hallway or lounge space, offering a nice combination of striking design piece and comfortable feeling furniture item. A leather mirrors is also well padded which is a useful safety element, providing a soft cushioned edge should they ever be within the reach of children.

Crocodile Leather Mirror

There are many different strengths that a quality leather mirror can bring in terms of style and functionality,  with their beautiful aesthetic appeal, durable use and affordable cost. Whether you’re looking to display one above a sofa or fireplace, add a notable mirror option near an entrance or upstairs landing space, or display one on the wall of a restaurant or office, a quality leather mirror can elevate the style of any place it is located. We only use one type of leather also mention that we do ready made and bespoke options  as well as real cowhide hair  ones

Here at, we have put time and effort into stocking the best range of leather mirrors we could find, with our current range offering a host of quality options to give you a fantastic chance of finding exactly the right purchase for you. So why not take a look over the UK’s best new online seller of high quality leather mirrors?

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Mist free Mirrors with Clearview.

Finally there is a simple solution to those misted up mirrors in your bathroom.

Have you ever finished bathing to find your mirror is all misted up? It’s often the little things in life that can make such a difference. Now with Mirrorworld Clearview you can finally have a mist-free mirror in your bath or shower room.

With a choice of mirrors already fitted with a clearview pads or clearview pads sold separately, you need never have a misty mirror again

Clearview Fitted Mirror

With a simple to install Clearview demister pads you no longer have to wait for the mist to clear before shaving, drying your hair, or putting on makeup.  Running costs are very low – based on one hours use per day, an average demister will cost just a few pence a week to run – a small price to pay for permanent mist free mirrors.

Installation designed so simple

The backing paper is simply removed & the self-adhesive demister pad is fixed to the back of the mirror. Your electrician then connects it to the lighting circuit or separate switch. The power cable is centrally located on the longest edge.

Our Clearivew pads are available fitted with a mirror or sold separately. 

Mirrorworld offer a range of quality 6mm mirrors factory fitted with our clearview heated pads ready to go. Click here to view them.

Clearview mirrors DO require an electrical connection, most commonly connecting to the lighting power in your bathroom.

Whilst Cleaview heated mirror pads are easy to install, Mirrorworld always advocates the use of a qualified electrician to connect the power.

The easy, cost effective solution to keeping the mirrors clear in your bathroom.

If connecting with your lighting you can simply turn on the lights and the demister provides clear, steam free mirrors for you to begin your day.

If you already have your mirror, or simply wish to convert an existing one, Mirrorworld had a large selection of Clearview pads available in various sizes and shapes to suit. Click here to view our range.


Fog free mirrors

Low running costs

Easy to install

Luxurious addition to the bathroom

The standard stock sizes are shown below, but for larger projects such as apartments & hotels we can custom make the demisters to many different sizes for larger bulk quantities.

To find out more visit Clearview Mirrors and Pads Alternatively, call one of our friendly sales team today for a chat, on 0333 800 8181, or try out our free and easy to use online estimator tool, for a fast accurate quote.

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