We want to see your photographs.

Whether we have have installed it or you have we would love to see photographs of our mirrors in your homes. Whilst we are the UK’s largest bespoke mirror manufacturer we gain a lot of our custom by word of mouth recommendations and through our social media channels. As such your beautiful photographs help us promote our company and let people know more about us simliar to how you found us.

Mirror at Asheton Arms

Bespoke mirrors for a beautiful home.

This Beautiful pair of Art Deco mirrors was handmade for a customer.

The set of mirrors were so sucessful that they also featured in the Home and Garden Magazine.

If you want to send us your photographs of your beautiful mirrors in your home email them to support@mirrorworld.co.uk

The big revamp

This has been a long time coming, but we are pleased to announce that our new desktop website is now live.

Fresh now front page.

Following feedback from our customers we have completely updated and revamped our search facility to make it much more intuitive, user friendly and intelligent. What this means for the user is that it is now easier than ever before to help you find the mirror you want.

Scrollling through the website is faster.

With improved navigation, your overall experience should feel smoother and more easier to use.

We have simplified our bespoke tools.

One of the points we have learned from feedback groups is that we needed to simplify our bespoke mirror offerings and as such we have completely revamped our bespoke calculators making them simple and quick to use.

New thumbnail images help improve our customers experience.
With the popularity on the rise of TV mirrors we have now added an enquiry page and a new quote tool so you can now order your bespoke tv mirrors online.
Ordering Samples has never been more easy.

With dedicated buttons on the front page you can order samples of our Coloured Mirrors, Antique Mirrors, Acrylic Mirrors, two way mirors and samples of our frames.

We understand time is very precious and we believe that with the improvements we have made to our website will not only improve your experience but make it quick and simple to find the mirror that you want.

Visit www.mirrorworld.co.uk


Upto 70% off ready made mirrors (whilst stock lasts)

Our Contemporary Designer Petali Mirror, Was £699 now only £595

Shaped Bevelled mirror, with acrylic adornment simple and elegant. The Petali, an exlcusive handmade contemporary design, Utilising classic bevelled edge mirror with contemporary modern materials, laser cut for precision quality, A flamboyant design made to be the perfect centre piece of any room.

Ultra Modern Designer Frame. Our DR021 Mirror Was £205 now only £169.95.

This beautiful sculptured profile is finished in a mirrored finish and resembles molten silver wrapping itself perfectly around your mirror. This wonderful Italian designer mirror fits perfectly in any contemporary surroundings and comes complete with bevelled mirror with straps and hooks for simple wall hanging.

Sometimes simplicity is all you need. This stunning mirror was £499.95 now only £199.95.

Simple and stylish, this Black Framed Round Mirror is a sublime choice to decorate modern interiors. 800mm Wide but can be made in bespoke sizes and also available in Gold and White. This mirror can also be handpainted in Farrow and Ball or simliar branded paints.

Come see our huge range of mirrors with big savings on all Ready Made Mirrors*.

Visit our website at www.mirrorworld.co.uk

*This excludes our bespoke mirrors which are not part of the Summer Sale.

The First day of SUmmer

To celebrate the first day of Summer we have chosen 5 Mirrors that will definitely brighten your home.

Our LF023 Mirrors Ultra modern design sculptured profile like molten rock in Bronze finish with plain mirror diamond cut design in a square mirror.

This wonderful Italian design frame fits perfectly in any contemporary surroundings and comes complete with straps and hooks for simple wall hanging. To see the diamond cut design on this mirror please view the final image of the mirror only which shows the design.

This GF006 Mirror is literally Summer inspired with stunning Shades of Red Round Sun Pattern Mosaic Style that has been handcrafted and features different shades of red glass and a visual delight and functional piece of wall art.

For those customers looking for a more simplistic yet modern and fresh mirror then our PR025 mirror is the perfect chouice. The round mirror features a strong MDF back ensuring durability over time, while fixings make it easy to hang. The panel design is given a silver finish accentuating the chic look. Complementing any setting, this wall mirror will make a fantastic focal point in your room, bringing splendour to your decor.

One of our favourites is t he MB004 Mirror, inspired by a combination of Spanish Missionary style, indigenous art, Aztec and Peruvian design. A stand alone piece of ideal to fit with our new Old World styled Collection. 
The frame of this mirror is also made of glass which creates an eye-catching feature, unexpectedly playful, with surprising light reflections this mirror to work equally well in contemporary and classic spaces.

Finally, the last in our Top 5 Mirrors to brighten your home this Summer is a taste of the exotic with our GI003 Mirror. Handsomely decorated in a Gold round lacquered frame with Floral Japanese pattern. This stunning genuine gold leaf mirror which has been hand painted and brings alive any room with it’s fresh and uplifting tones.


Over the few decades, home interiors have transformed dramatically. Modernism has truly arrived departing significantly from from cluttered and traditional to sleek minimalist and modern.

Gold and Mahogany frames have been replaced with Shade of Grey, Black and white. Decorative and detailed is out and simple and and plain is in.

No longer do consumers want to adorn the mirrors with large wide decorative frames but quite the opposite.

When did it all start?

The appears to be two theories of thought as to when Modernism started some claim it was post world wars and others argue it was between World War 1 and 2.   A hunger for change was in the air as people wanted to escape the horrors of the past and the realities of the present.   It covered a range of movements from art and literature through to architecture and design cities towns and villages up and down the UK and across the pond in Europe was seeing change like never before.  

The bold dimensions of the wide mirrored GD092 frame and central section create an eye-catching feature by reflecting and expanding their surroundings enabling this mirror to work equally well in contemporary and classic spaces.

Embracing the New World

Creativity was given a spin on it’s head as Designers and Architects reinvented the most basic of items from appliances and domestic furniture through to housing and industry.    The theme of the day was to tackle both social and economic inequality with a hunger for affordable housing to resolve the then housing crisis.  Architects with a modernist mindset wanted to industrialise the whole building process.

Advances in construction techniques incoporating different materials such as glass, steel and concrete would reduce overall costs and allowing for bulk manufacturing.

Hungry for change, designers, Architects and Artists embraced the limitless prospects of new technologies and imagined a world recreated in terms of these advances which spread from clothing to music, film and theatre. Embracing the house as a machine for living in with an architectural system for human comfort and security.

Simple and stylish, this White Framed LC336 Round Mirror is a sublime choice to decorate modern interiors.

The home and work environments were being organised making everything more productive and eliminating wasted time and effort.  Manufacturing and Commerce became both a means to an end and also visually appealing.   This new kind of change had no time for decorative or ornamental finishes it was primary functionality with sleek clean lines, the past was being swept away by the new world.

If you would like to look at our own intepretation of this movement or if you have a preference for simplicity visit our website and view our modern mirrors at www.mirrorworld.co.uk

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