handcrafted Bespoke leather mirrors.

Sophisticated leather mirrors can always be relied upon and are the interior designer’s goto solution for adding a wonderfully opulent finishing touch to any room.

With Mirrorworld, you can choose from a wide selection of hides included both real leathers, in a rainbow of colours, handcrafted by our time served upholsterers, to bring you a unique an exceptional piece of luxurious décor.

Each frame in individually created to your exact requirements, painstaking stitched, creating a genuinely individual piece of work. Making the most of our bespoke tailored leather frames allows the choice of not only the leather it’self in a range of styles and colours but the width of the frame, the colour of stitching, the style of the stitching and of the course, the amount of padding, from a contemporary flat design to one of plumped up indulgence.

With their sleek and smooth finish that can ideally complement a pristine mirror surface, leather mirror framing provides a fantastic sense of style and sophistication. A leather mirror is a lesson commonly embraced option than the many wood or metal framing choices, but with the high quality leather surrounds we have on offer, you can select a model with a striking sense of artistry and originality that could adorn any room in your home or business space.

Whether you choose a fully leather frame, or pair it with suede or stainless steel, a leather mirror provides a stunning option to frame your glass mirror, particularly a beautiful bevelled mirror option. With colour choices such as a sleek black, a soft cream and a sparkling white option, our leather mirrors can blend ideally with leather furniture, but also work in spaces with no other leather items to heighten their sense of originality.

Leather framing can be employed with mirrors of various shapes and sizes, but they are particularly beloved as an option to be hung horizontally in a hallway or lounge space, offering a nice combination of striking design piece and comfortable feeling furniture item. A leather mirrors is also well padded which is a useful safety element, providing a soft cushioned edge should they ever be within the reach of children.

Crocodile Leather Mirror

There are many different strengths that a quality leather mirror can bring in terms of style and functionality,  with their beautiful aesthetic appeal, durable use and affordable cost. Whether you’re looking to display one above a sofa or fireplace, add a notable mirror option near an entrance or upstairs landing space, or display one on the wall of a restaurant or office, a quality leather mirror can elevate the style of any place it is located. We only use one type of leather also mention that we do ready made and bespoke options  as well as real cowhide hair  ones

Here at Mirrorworld.co.uk, we have put time and effort into stocking the best range of leather mirrors we could find, with our current range offering a host of quality options to give you a fantastic chance of finding exactly the right purchase for you. So why not take a look over the UK’s best new online seller of high quality leather mirrors?

For further information about our leather mirrors just click here or contact our sales team on: 0333 800 8181 and at sales@mirrorworld.co.uk

Mist free Mirrors with Clearview.

Finally there is a simple solution to those misted up mirrors in your bathroom.

Have you ever finished bathing to find your mirror is all misted up? It’s often the little things in life that can make such a difference. Now with Mirrorworld Clearview you can finally have a mist-free mirror in your bath or shower room.

With a choice of mirrors already fitted with a clearview pads or clearview pads sold separately, you need never have a misty mirror again

Clearview Fitted Mirror

With a simple to install Clearview demister pads you no longer have to wait for the mist to clear before shaving, drying your hair, or putting on makeup.  Running costs are very low – based on one hours use per day, an average demister will cost just a few pence a week to run – a small price to pay for permanent mist free mirrors.

Installation designed so simple

The backing paper is simply removed & the self-adhesive demister pad is fixed to the back of the mirror. Your electrician then connects it to the lighting circuit or separate switch. The power cable is centrally located on the longest edge.

Our Clearivew pads are available fitted with a mirror or sold separately. 

Mirrorworld offer a range of quality 6mm mirrors factory fitted with our clearview heated pads ready to go. Click here to view them.

Clearview mirrors DO require an electrical connection, most commonly connecting to the lighting power in your bathroom.

Whilst Cleaview heated mirror pads are easy to install, Mirrorworld always advocates the use of a qualified electrician to connect the power.

The easy, cost effective solution to keeping the mirrors clear in your bathroom.

If connecting with your lighting you can simply turn on the lights and the demister provides clear, steam free mirrors for you to begin your day.

If you already have your mirror, or simply wish to convert an existing one, Mirrorworld had a large selection of Clearview pads available in various sizes and shapes to suit. Click here to view our range.


Fog free mirrors

Low running costs

Easy to install

Luxurious addition to the bathroom

The standard stock sizes are shown below, but for larger projects such as apartments & hotels we can custom make the demisters to many different sizes for larger bulk quantities.

To find out more visit Clearview Mirrors and Pads Alternatively, call one of our friendly sales team today for a chat, on 0333 800 8181, or try out our free and easy to use online estimator tool, for a fast accurate quote.

Click here.

Transform your bedroom

No matter the size of your bedroom, shape or style a bedroom mirror will always make brilliant addition to your bedroom decor. Whether you are trying to make a small room look bigger than it is, brighten up a darker area or just want to add a focal point in the room. A mirror can transform this space.

To brighten up that darker part of your room and light it more, you have two choices. Light it up with a lamp or use a mirror. Just place a mirror opposite or close to a window and this will increase the natural light entering a room. The bigger the bigger the more light will be let in and the brighter the space will seem.

To brighten up that darker part of your room and light it more, you have two choices. Light it up with a lamp or use a mirror. Just place a mirror opposite or close to a window and this will increase the natural light entering a room. The bigger the bigger the more light will be let in and the brighter the space will seem. For very dark areas you could place a mirror near a lamp to double the effect of the light.

An alternative way to lighen up a bedroom and serve as a perfect dressing table mirror is our Hollywood illuminate mirrors.

Mirrorworld offer these in both White and Mirrored frames and come in two sizes 114 x 80cm and 62 x 80cm and are perfect for bringing a touch of glamour and Hollywood to your bedroom.

Another wonderful mirror that is perfect for a bedroom is a Cheval Mirror. Often described as Practical and Lucurious, this tall mirror has a wide surface area and perfect for helping you get dressed and looking your best. As a free standing mirror they have the flexability to be positioned where you will most benefit from and the different styles makes it easy to coirdinate with your decor both modern or traditional.

This mirror can be versatile and flexible and you can also remove the legs to convert it to a wall mirror or simply fold it and put it away when not in use. Interestingly this mirror has been around since the 1700’s and first got its name in france from tall mirror that sat on base of four feet and resembles a horse. The word cheval in french means horse. One of the main advantages of this mirrors is they are affordable and are priced from £59.95.

Adorn your dressing table with a triple panel dressing table mirror, perfect for getting a full view and saving space in your bedroom.

Our most popular mirror by far in recent years has been our extensive range of leaner mirrors, so-called strangely enough, because rather than hanging or standing they simply rest against any available suitable wall, leaning at the perfect angle for a head to toe view.

Generally being much larger than their cheval predecessors, leaning bedroom mirror offer a fantastic reflective viewing area, great for full-length views, encompassing those all important new shoes. Not forgetting the large mirror area also expounds the beauty of any available natural light and space.

To add drama and opulance to your bedroom why not consider one of our Sparkling mirrors.

We understand that not all bedrooms are the same size or shape, that’s why at Mirrorworld we try to offer the widest range of bedroom mirrors to suit your every possible need. Whether you’re looking for glamorous dressing table mirrors or handy full-length mirror to prepare for that big night out, you’ll find our selection capable of accommodating your most requested bedroom mirror needs.

For those you can’t find that perfect bedroom mirror, why not take a look at our made-2-measure service. With over 250 designs you certainly won’t be stuck for choice.

Call one of our friendly sales team today for a chat, on 0333 800 8181, or try out our free and easy to use online estimator tool, for a fast accurate quote

Trust in your eye to make great interiors at home.

Great Decoration in the home happens when you look closely at items and start trusting your eye. Whether it is a combination of that carefully chosen sofa in a fabric that compliments both the floor and the surrounding furniture.

Successful interior designers always trust their eye and know what works together and what doesn’t. Of course we all have different tastes but isnt that what makes us so unique. How boring this world would be if everyone is the same.

In our range of Mirrors, there is one type that continually compliments homes up and down the country whether it is a modern home or a more traditional. Antique Mirrors add elements of the pallete with warm golds and reds to Ice white and cold silvers. Subtle undertones that perfectly bring these mirrors alive and stand out from the rest adding charm and elegance with a sense of history.

Creating a traditional or classic look for your home couldn’t be easier, with our range of antique and baroque styled mirrors. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, these antique, ornate and traditionally styled mirrors effortlessly ooze sophistication and charm and a wonderful addition to any wall.

Whatever your style and preference, you will find your perfect ornate, baroque, traditional or antiqued style mirror here at Mirrorworld, we are UK’s largest specialist online mirror supplier. Our selection of traditional and antique styled mirrors range from minimalist subtle designs right up to heavily decorative swepts, which make a fabulous statement piece whether used on their own or combined with similarly themed dècor.

Whether a overly ornate, antique styled or baroque, our mirrors are a beautiful way to add character to any room,

With a little careful thought, creating an air of elegance and sophistication can be achieved easily an quickly – producing a really eye-catching and stunning look. So why not browse through our fantastic selection of ornate mirrors? We´re sure you will find the perfect mirror to suit your home.

If blacks and golds aren’t your thing, why not go for something a little bit different, take a look Mirrorworld’s handpainting service, offering a choice of 100’s if not 1000 of various colours. call to chat with one of our experienced sales team, or drop us an email and see what Mirrorworld can do for you today.

Click here to Take me to Antique and Ornate Mirrors

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, chat with one of our friendly sales team on 0333 800 8181 with their experience and knowledge, your perfect mirror is just a phone call away.

Using Table Centre mirrors to enhance a display.

Table Centerpiece mirrors make a wonderful addition to any decorative centerpiece.

Ever since tables have been dressed with flowers and other decorative pieces for embellishment, further modifications and improvements have followed. Of course it was only a matter of time before mirrors were used for both practical and decorative purposes.

Table centre mirrors are most commonly shaped either circular or rectangular but may in actual fact be any shape at all. Mirrorworld stock various sizes and shaped to suit all table decorations.

From a decorative perspective, mirrors help to enhance the display, usually floral, by allowing the observer to see the display from all angles, both highlighting and accentuating colours and shape of the display, the shape of the mirrors to, can add to the display, especially in the case of Acrylic centrepiece mirrors, when these can be cut in any desired shape or pattern, the shape of a wedding couples initials, for example.

On the practical side, the mirrors can simply act as a barrier between a dripping vase and an expensive tablecloth or the varnish on a beautiful highly polish table.

WHERE ARE THE USED? Many table centres are used at celebratory and special events, such as weddings, birthdays and anniversary meal, when the table decorations add to the sense of occasion and when a beautifully decorated table can certainly add to the atmosphere of the celebrations. However, many are also found adorning table tops or side cabinets in home or hotel lobbies and rooms, the choice really is yours.

For simple yet elegant centrepieces for your anniversary, wedding or birthday, our mirror centrepieces are just what you need for table decorations so stunning, your family and friends won’t realise they only took moments to create. If you place a mirror base undeneath your centerpiece you can then add acrylic diamond or led candles onto the mirror to bring some colour onto the table to raise the level of your centerpiece. .

You can also complement your table centrepiece mirrors with vases filled with fairy lights, pillar candles or beautiful flowers surrounded by LED Tea Lights.


Mirrored tables centreS can come in all shapes and sizes, in both glass and acrylic. Glass table centres are available as either Circles or Squares, are 4mm thick and have polished smooth edgings. They can be purchased as either a single item or in larger quantities, where large discounts are available.

Acrylic mirrors for table centres, on the other hand, come with no such limitation of shape come in a gauge of 3mm and with a lasered edge for that smoother polished effect. We can also offer shaped table centre mirrors that are only limited by your imagination.

Specialist coloured mirrors are also available too, when choosing acrylic over the glass alternative, sadly though, only when purchasing in commercial quantities of 20+

To view our stock range of Acrylic Table Centrepiece Mirrors Click Here

You can also go to here if you wish to order bespoke Acrylic Table Centrepiece Mirrors Click Here

For Glass or any other enquiry, please contact our friendly Sales team on 0333 800 8181 or email us at sales@mirrorworld.co.uk

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