Make a bigger home without moving

Now we know what you’re thinking…

“That’s impossible unless you get an extension!”

But we’re here to tell you that’s not true and there are methods behind getting that larger home you’ve always desired! Instead of changing the physical perception of the room, we’ll be exploring how to tweak the mental perception of it.

Why do your walls feel like they’re closing in on you?

Dark colours can make a room feel smaller because light can’t reflect on them. We’ve always known white to be reflective whilst black absorbs all light and heat. So people with grey walls, sorry to say, but your room is gonna look small! When you get lighter and brighter walls, it makes a room feel larger because light has more space and opportunity to reflect itself, so find a shade and get painting!

Why your Lighting is a key factor

Speaking of light, be sure to let more into your room! Natural light bounces the best and it benefits our mental and physical health! It increases vitamin D, improves sleep, and helps us with focus and concentration.

Mirrors are often a great method of spreading light and making shadows look less harsh. Normally light, whether it’s natural or artificial, can create harsh shadows from our furniture, which can break up the room too much. We want to reduce those shadows and soften them as much as possible to make the room feel all the more welcoming.

Mirrors also cast the illusion of your room having more depth to it. After all, it pretty much doubles the length of your room when you see what’s on the other side of the glass!

Your floor needs to contrast

Dark flooring makes your space look bigger when paired with the light walls. This is simply because of contrast. Dark opposes light. We see that a room always has 6 faces: the floor, the ceiling, and the four walls around us.

If the whole room is white, we lose a sense of distance in the room and there’s no way to tell how far away something is. It’s kind of like looking out on a desert and seeing nothing for miles, you don’t know how long it stretches out for. But if there are cacti in the distance, you’ve got some form of awareness of how big the desert stretches out. This is why we make the floor dark.

If one out of the six faces is dark, then it makes the five out of six walls and ceiling look all the larger because we have some form of colour ratio going on.

Alternatively, if you’re working on a small budget and can’t replace your flooring, you can just use dark furniture and rugs to cover that floor, the illusion will be cast just as efficiently and add more texture to your living space!

How have you worked with small spaces? Be sure to let us know!

Is your Home using Warm Tones?

How do we define the Temperature of a room?

Tone normally comes in temperature, and this normally defines what makes some rooms look more inviting than others. Warm tones are cosy and inviting, normally consisting of reds, oranges and yellows. They remind us of the comfort of a fireplace, the zesty out layers of oranges and lemons or even the kiss of the sun during a hot summer’s day.

Then you have your cool tones, you get calm and relaxing vibes from these. They’re made up of greens, blues and purples, often reminding us of the lush lapis liquor that is the ocean, or a flurry of snow from a cold and brittle winter night.

Then you have your neutral colours, basically just whites, but they stand between warm and cold tones as they’re both polar opposites of one another. White may seem like a boring colour, but it has way more pros than it does cons! You can check out our previous post going over this!

So which tones go together and which tones don’t?

If you check out the image above, you can use warm furniture to go with neutral coloured walls OR you can pull a reverse card on it and use neutral coloured furniture on warm walls! Why does this work though? Since neutrals are sat right next to warm tones on the temperature spectrum, it makes sense that they would crack on with each other.

If you’re going to do this though, we highly recommend you use warm shades of white! These are just whites that fall under yellows and oranges. You have an unlimited set of options in your disposal such as Platinum, Timberwolf, Porcelain etc. These will help your whites not look too harsh or over-exposed against your colours, they’ll blend in more but still be distinguishable.

As much as we love our homes being alluring, vibrant and exciting, it would be consequential not adding any highlights to break up parts of the room, otherwise it would all be same-old same-old!

Can you use Warm Colours with Cool Colours?

Of course you can! In the art world, rules are made to be broken all the time. We’re always looking for a new spin on things and this is how you could do it: Make the whole room cool in colour, but use warm furniture. This way, the contrast is a lot more prominent as the temperatures are polar opposites. Your furniture will also look much more inviting in comparison with the rest of the room. If you see a warm orange bed in the middle of a cold blue room, it makes you want to get in the bed more simply because of how warm it looks!

Are you using warm tones in your home? Let us know and possibly get your home featured in one of our blog posts!

Does White work in your Home?

What makes White so special?

White is a perfect blank canvas for any aspiring interior designer. It’s clean, simple and timeless, ready to take on the limitless potential of one’s imagination. But what if we just want to stick to white itself? How do we utilise something so bland and basic on its own?

White comes in many different shades, each capturing the essence of subtlety, and to be honest, that’s the whole point of white. You’re meant to stare at it and let your mind roam free, even if it’s for a short amount of time. Just switch off and enjoy the simplicity.

How can you tell Whites apart?

Every shade of white is always a pale version of another colour. We’ve all heard before how red represents anger, yellow is happiness and blue is calm of mind etc. If we take any of those and brighten it, not only does the shade come with the subliminal message, but it presents it in a much calmer manner. When you see something through a foggy window, there’s mystery and curiosity behind what’s there. Shades of white are soft, gentle, and give you the sense of control you need in your life.

How does White contribute to the Temperature of the Room?

White is also a neutral form of light, standing right in between warm tones and cold ones. This makes it complimentary to either of them; in short, it can go with anything.

A lot of rooms like using warm shades of oranges such as Saffron, Pumpkin and even Coffee browns to give the space a visual aroma. Whites are normally used to break up all these strong colours to stop them from clashing too much, but there are ways to make the white look less harsh against everything! Use warm shades of white such as Platinum, Timberwolf, bone etc. an indicator that these are warm whites is that they fall under reds, oranges and yellows, but are brightened up. This aids the white in blending in with its surrounding environment more.

Some rooms actually use cool shades, usually falling under greens, blues and purples. In the example picture, we can actually see that dark vanilla is used at one point, which is odd considering it’s a shade of yellow, a warm colour. It gets away with being part of a cold palette because of how desaturated it is. When we desaturate a warm colour, it appears cooler; when we desaturate a cold colour, it appears warmer. This is the magic of white, it’s always maintaining the balance of the temperature spectrum.

What if White is all you like?

There are some occasions where people just don’t want colour at all, it’s too vibrant and flashy for their personal taste, which is totally fine! Everyone has personal taste, we’re just here to throw some methods out there on how to innovate on your ideas! If you’re gonna go all white… You’ve got to use different shades. If everything was the same baron and bleak shade of white, it’d be absolutely boring. There’d be no way for any of your furniture to stand out.

“Let’s put the white-framed mirror against the wall that’s exactly the same shade” There’s not really any point getting a frame for the mirror if it’s not even going to be noticeable! Now if you made the room a warm shade of white, and the frame a cold shade of white… there’s a very interesting contrast between the two! You’ve still got your all-white fantasy, but the subtle difference between the two makes a massive difference to your home’s visual structure.

The Ultimate Benefit of using White

We had to save this point for last… What’s the absolute best thing about having a white home? The light! White is the most reflective and neutral colour out there, any light hitting a white wall is going to bounce all around the room and illuminate everything. Natural light is always the best for our physical and mental health, so we want to lure that in as much as possible, and white is going to increase your chances of that.

If you’ve not got the windows for it or the light isn’t travelling far enough to fill that dark corner of the room, how else do you tackle that? With a mirror! The magical thing about mirrors is how they bounce light back and forth like a ping pong ball; and with a reflective white wall, that’s going to be a long-term and effective solution.

2-way mirrors – and why you need one!

Want to add something unique to your home? Then you need a 2-way mirror!

You may be wondering what a 2-way mirror is, but that’s what we’re here to help you with. Keep reading to see why a 2-way mirror will transform your home!

What are 2-way mirrors?  

You may know 2-way mirrors by other names such as a one-way mirror or a spy mirror – and you may have seen them in your favourite police drama! Quickly covering the technical stuff, they’re made of either clear glass or an acrylic sheet, specially coated on one side or containing a coated laminate. This allows light to pass through the clear sheet in a restricted fashion, making it appear as a mirrored surface. Anyway, enough of what it is – more of how it benefits!

Art & Design

If you have a more artistic flair, you can use 2-way mirrors to create a striking piece of art in your home. This is better than your average vase or small sculpture, this will be a thought-provoking piece that no one else will have – sounds incredible to us! If you want some inspiration, have a look at this great piece below!

Commercial Use

Work in fashion and want to give your customers an incredible in-store experience? 2-way mirrors are the perfect addition. Their place in the fashion industry has rapidly increased over the last few years thanks to the utilisation of state-of-the-art points of sale, meaning customers can try on anything in the store, quickly and conveniently without a dressing room.

Smart Mirrors

Gadget-lovers, this one is for you! This is the most on-trend function of 2-way mirrors because combined with the right application, the simple mirror can become a useful information point or an intriguing virtual display. Our Mirrorworld team have helped develop many futurist mirrors for our clients.

Of course, there are also the 2-way mirrors that have a more serious role too. 2-way mirrors are often used in police dramas and the real-world for observation. This can be in focus group observations, medical and clinical observation and even in everybody’s favourite TV programme – Big Brother!

The benefits of a 2-way mirror are endless, but the best way to discover this is to see it for yourself. Speak to our team about your vision and we will help you find the perfect solution by visiting:

5 Unique Ways a Mirror Can Transform a Living Area

Transform Your Living Area

Creative use of a mirror, or multiple mirrors, can transform it from its mere practical function to a breath-taking addition to your home’s décor. You can either channel the interior designer within you or leave it to the experts to provide the finished piece but there is so much you can do with mirrors in your home.

Here are some ideas to inspire you to use mirrors to their full potential:

  • Liven up your wall with acrylic mirror shape designs

Mirrors don’t have to be rectangular or round, you can have mirrors designed into practically any shape that you want. Designs such as leaf-shaped mirrors spread across a wall, or a mirror in the shape a famous landmark like The Eiffel Tower will make for a very unique edge to your living area. Take a look at the huge range of different shapes you could incorporate into your interior design.

  • Use mirror tiles as a feature

Mirror tiles are more commonly found in bathrooms but with shapes like hexagons, you could design your very own mirror mosaic or another type of pattern. You can even buy coloured mosaic mirror tiles and create your own masterpiece. A full wall mirror made out of lots of rectangles also provides a stunning effect.

  • Bring a touch of Art Deco into your home

You will find there is a good choice of Art Deco-inspired mirror designs that could add some sophisticated character to your living area. With your Art Deco mirror as your centrepiece, maybe above your fireplace, or in the middle of your main wall, you can follow the style around the room with smooth lines and geometric shapes that will transport your visitors back to the 1920s era.

  • Hang a mirror clock on the wall

Mirrors can be multipurpose and there are some beautiful mirror clocks that will catch the eye in any home. Perfect if you don’t have the space for a mirror and a clock but also a quite unique addition to your living area. You can go big, with a clock mirror that fills most of the wall or find a smaller design to fit into a small wall space that you didn’t know what to do with.

  • Wow your guests with a designer mirror

There are so many different designs of designer mirrors to match your current interior or to inspire you to design a new interior around a new mirror. Contemporary mirror grids made up of nine symmetrical framed mirrors laid out in a square look very stylish, whilst other unique designs such as frames with a silvered molten finish will add some sparkle to the room.

Hopefully, that will have given you some ideas for your mirror project but if you need any more inspirational, spend some time to browse through the huge range of designs and variations at Mirrorworld.