Mirrors in Interior Design

The use of mirrors in interior design

The possibilities are endless and the results can enhance the look of a space in an instant. A good mirrorsĀ are the polish on any room – the final touch to bring out the best features of a space.

Bang on trend, the current buzzword around the use of mirrors in interior design is versatility. With a little clever positioning and the creative ambition to go big and bold, a mirror will bring your room to life. Think about size, shape and colour, and even be prepared to go for something edgy if the room reflects it – because it will reflect the room. A well-placed mirror will add light to a dark corner or corridor by reflecting light into the space. It will even increase the feeling of space by creating an optical illusion – the bigger the mirror, the bigger the room will eem.

In the right hands, a mirror is a piece of art, adding instant elegance and theatre to a room that’s otherwise quite plain. The range of styles means there’s a mirror for every occasion. Traditional and antique mirrors create a sense of opulence; just as easily they lend themselves to a room where the vibe is one of laid-back, deliberately faded grandeur, such as a well-used family living room. Silver and gold frames work perfectly with antique mirrors, as does the distressed look, which gives the piece a sense of age and context.

Other period designs, such as Art Deco, work well in rooms with clean lines and neutral colours, often working as a focal point of the layout. For contemporary rooms, particularly those with a minimalist vibe, try a modern or Venetian style mirror – with or without a frame. This is a look that complements clean lines and bright spaces.
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