Mirrors, Maximizing Light & Space – Tip 5

No. 5  Mirrors on patterned walls…

…above fireplaces or to break up ‘art walls’; can go wrong, horribly wrong, but done correctly, they can also give your room, not only extra light and space, but also, that extra ‘something’ that makes people really fall in love with your house or really want to work in your office. Be careful though, using the wrong mirrors on the wrong wallpaper can create gaudy eye-sores.

Patterned ‘feature’ walls are fashionable at the moment, but they can be heavy and dark,  mirrors to maximise the light and add some character to your feature wall.

If your feature wall is a particularly ‘busy’ design, try to tone it down a little with a large rectangular mirror with a plain but stylish frame. Maybe go for a bevelled edge on your mirror to add a bit of depth as well.

If your feature wall is less busy and needs something to really draw the eye to it, try going for a large mirror with a more decorative frame. It will really bring your feature wall to life.

Also, if you have a wall which seems cluttered by the art or family photos you have covering it, try adding a small or medium mirror to the mix, it will break up the bank of pictures and provides an extra, airy dimension to stop the mass of visual information from becoming overwhelming. Think about using something with a very minimalist frame so that the light hitting the mirror attracts the eye rather than a large frame further adding to the mass of decoration on the wall already.

When used in this fashion, your mirrors won’t be the feature itself, but it will provide the perfect finishing touch and really set off the wall that is your feature.