Mirror Windows, Maximizing Light & Space – Tip 3


No. 3 Mirror Windows

If you want to make your room seem both larger and lighter without using a lamp; use a mirror to create a ‘second window’ in the room. By placing a mirror directly opposite a window, you can enhance not only the light entering the room, but also the views that are available to you, enabling you to see out of your house from wherever you are sitting.

With this technique, you can also create your own art using a well-placed mirror – never worry what art to buy or get bored of looking at your wall again as the mirror you place opposite your window will provide a different piece of art to you every day of the year. Reflecting the snow in winter, the new greens in spring, russets in autumn and (maybe not in England) golden sunlight in summertime. This effect can be multiplied in a really interesting way if you use several small mirrors to create your window opposite the window.

If you wanted to, you could also use a mirror (or mirrors) in this fashion with actual artwork you own. Place a mirror opposite your favourite painting, allowing you to see it from anywhere in the room. If you have artwork and a window in the same wall, you could even place a mirror on the opposite wall, centred between the two, to allow you to change the view depending what angle you’re looking at the mirror from – creating a stunning mix of views, both of the landscape outside and your favourite painting.

Mirrors are a fantastic way to create beautiful views on blank walls. Using mirror windows like this you can see your garden from walls on the other side of the room.