Mirror, mirror on the wall…

For many years mirrors have had their mythical and magical associations passing down the generations.  Whether it be fears they could capture your soul or take you to parallel universe.    Whilst we accept our range of mirrors may not actually be magic, they can certainly add some sparkle, brighten a dark corner or make a small space look much bigger.

Rumoured to have been created and moulded from molten rock, this stunning example of a Ultra modern designer frame adds class and sophistication to any room.  Its perfect sculptured frame in a Silver finish with wonderful Italian design especially compliments contemporary surroundings. The molten silver effect frame with bevelled mirrors helps bounce light in every direction.

Priced at only £179.50        



Returning to our Celtic Roots, this glamorous and Sparkling mirror brings you mirrored luxury in the form of dazzling array of crushed diamante crystals carefully added to this modern frame that incoporates perhaps one of the most recognizable artwork in Celtic history, a celtic knot to create a truly wonderful mirror.

Priced at only £269.50


The ostentation of this mirror could have been taken straight from the roaring 1920’s Gatsby Era,  designed to impress.

The sheer extravagance has to be seen, as a photogragh cannot capture the beauty of this freestanding cheval mirror.     A must have for this year, the frame is glamour itself, split into three sections with the outer borders being of mirror panels and the centre piece gleaming with shining diamond like crystals that sparkle and capture and reflect the light like art itself.

  Priced at only £125.50

This modern and contemporary Black and Crushed Mosaic Framed Mirror Mirror is an added luxury to any home.

One of the best sellers, the frame of this mirror is decorated with Silver mirror mosaic pieces on silver colour base that gives mirror depth and touch of a luxurious style with a slip black external edge and inner.

  Priced at only £99.95