Make a bigger home without moving

Now we know what you’re thinking…

“That’s impossible unless you get an extension!”

But we’re here to tell you that’s not true and there are methods behind getting that larger home you’ve always desired! Instead of changing the physical perception of the room, we’ll be exploring how to tweak the mental perception of it.

Why do your walls feel like they’re closing in on you?

Dark colours can make a room feel smaller because light can’t reflect on them. We’ve always known white to be reflective whilst black absorbs all light and heat. So people with grey walls, sorry to say, but your room is gonna look small! When you get lighter and brighter walls, it makes a room feel larger because light has more space and opportunity to reflect itself, so find a shade and get painting!

Why your Lighting is a key factor

Speaking of light, be sure to let more into your room! Natural light bounces the best and it benefits our mental and physical health! It increases vitamin D, improves sleep, and helps us with focus and concentration.

Mirrors are often a great method of spreading light and making shadows look less harsh. Normally light, whether it’s natural or artificial, can create harsh shadows from our furniture, which can break up the room too much. We want to reduce those shadows and soften them as much as possible to make the room feel all the more welcoming.

Mirrors also cast the illusion of your room having more depth to it. After all, it pretty much doubles the length of your room when you see what’s on the other side of the glass!

Your floor needs to contrast

Dark flooring makes your space look bigger when paired with the light walls. This is simply because of contrast. Dark opposes light. We see that a room always has 6 faces: the floor, the ceiling, and the four walls around us.

If the whole room is white, we lose a sense of distance in the room and there’s no way to tell how far away something is. It’s kind of like looking out on a desert and seeing nothing for miles, you don’t know how long it stretches out for. But if there are cacti in the distance, you’ve got some form of awareness of how big the desert stretches out. This is why we make the floor dark.

If one out of the six faces is dark, then it makes the five out of six walls and ceiling look all the larger because we have some form of colour ratio going on.

Alternatively, if you’re working on a small budget and can’t replace your flooring, you can just use dark furniture and rugs to cover that floor, the illusion will be cast just as efficiently and add more texture to your living space!

How have you worked with small spaces? Be sure to let us know!