Choosing the Right Mirror – Part One

From a child’s perspective, mirrors are mystical things that enable them to look into worlds as great as the ones they live in, but far more fascinating because they can only reach them in their imaginations.  Fictitious or not, the characteristics that mirrors display in fairy tales, myths and legends are exactly the same as those we expect from our mirrors. I’d say that even as adults, the magic in the mirror doesn’t lessen or release its hold on our imaginations.

Mirrors have the potential to empower us. As we look at ourselves, we can practice expressions we’ll use on important occasions we have coming up (come on – we’ve all done it!) For most of us though, the longest time spent in front of a mirror is during the process of getting washed and dressed in the morning, after which we return – sometimes begrudgingly – to the real world on our side of the mirror. The main magic to be found from our time in front of the mirror is that it allows us to go out and face the day feeling confident in ourselves, knowing we look the part.  Could you leave the house without first checking your appearance in the mirror?

Ignoring the magical connotations we’ve attached to mirrors, pretty much since the first person saw themselves in a puddle, mirrors are useful. There are places in our offices and houses where mirrors are both purposeful and visually pleasing. For example, it is hugely satisfying to enter or leave an office or house that has a large mirror in the reception or entry hall. Over the years probably millions of people have dodged multitudinous grave cases of hat-hair when arriving at parties using the well placed mirror in the hallway of their host’s house. In addition to this it can prove important to have a full length mirror in our bedroom or dressing room – countless mismatched outfits for women and horrendously garish bad shirt and tie combinations for men have been corrected before they make it out of our bedrooms thanks to dressing mirrors.

As well as being a defence against poor clothing and hairstyle choices, mirrors are fantastic as spatial enhancers and can often be found in positions where they seem to double the size of rooms. They are also fantastic when it comes to adding extra light to rooms and placed intelligently can seem to increase insufficient amounts of windows. However, if we used mirrors solely for these practical purposes, they would only ever be found in positions and places of practicality, not to mention in practical designs  – which, obviously, is not the case.

With thousands of years’ of myths and magical properties attached to mirrors, it’s not a surprise that when we decorate, mirrors are such a prominent feature of so many homes, offices and hotels – everywhere really. They can be used copiously as purely decorative componenets in a room. Dotted about the place in an assortment of frame styles, shapes and sizes. They can be mounted high and low on the wall. They are a relentless reminder of the secrets that hide inside them. As a reflection of our world and lives, mirrors are genuinely magical and fascinating to the majority of us.

With all these diversities in mind, at Mirrorworld, we know that picking the right mirror for the right place can be a huge decision, with much deliberation over size and design. Even if you already know the look you’re after, the enormous number of possibilities can be alarming. So, over the next few weeks, we’re going to give you some tips that, hopefully, will help you to narrow the possibilities and choose the perfect mirror and perfect positions to use them, to match the rest of your interior design and the purpose you want it for.

mirror patterned wallpaper2     whitemirror