Choosing the Right Mirrors – Part Five

 Textured Mirrors and Leather or Fabric Frames You’re often more likely to find a textured mirror in a commercial setting than a domestic one due to the fact that they often don’t reflect images as well as plain glass mirrors, if they do at…

Choosing the Right Mirrors – Part Four

Interesting and Unusual Mirrors Many people are concerned that they will have to part with vast sums of money to put together a collection of cool and unique mirrors. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t need to worry about the price…

Choosing the Right Mirror – Part Three

Vertical Mirrors Instead of hanging a mirror horizontally and conventionally over the fireplace in your living room or dining room, you can completely change the aesthetics of your home… …and your mirror by hanging it vertically, or the ‘wrong way round’, over a sideboard…

Choosing the Right Mirror – Part Two

  Venetian Mirrors For those of us who like a bit of pomp and take style seriously; if you want your mirror to be as dazzling as your reflection, then Venetian glass mirrors are the perfect choice. Like your reflection, Venetian mirrors sparkle and…

Choosing the Right Mirror – Part One

From a child’s perspective, mirrors are mystical things that enable them to look into worlds as great as the ones they live in, but far more fascinating because they can only reach them in their imaginations.  Fictitious or not, the characteristics that mirrors display…

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