blend with mirrors instead of paint

Are multiple colours really that neccesary in a room?

We’re always on the constant lookout for new colour combinations for our homes. Sometimes we like shades of orange to keep the house warm, other times we want to keep it simple and stick to our eggshell whites. But what if we can’t settle on a colour or we’re too afraid to experiment?

This is when mirrors come in. As we already know, mirrors are used to bring more depth into a room, making it look larger than what it actually is. However, They’ve also been well renowned for breaking up the room. You hang one up, and you instantly get a whole new perspective, not just at one angle, but any angle of the room.

You could be standing at the doorway and see the mirror reflecting your windows and all the rays of light coming through. You could be standing by the window and just see a wall opposite, except it has a different shade as it’s the other side of the wall; already it’s brought a whole new block of colour in your line of sight.

Sometimes there’s no need to use multiple different shades of paint in a room, you can let the light do all the work for you! Mirrors can also prove to help with adaptation as well! Got vivid green grass and a crystal blue sky outside in the summer? Them hints of blue and green are going to bounce and blend with your living room gloriously with a mirror. Have the fire on during a snowy winter night? A mirror’s going to make your room all the more radiant an orange.

Think of a mirror less like a canvas and more like a palette, filled with endless combinations, ready to have any colour thrown onto it. If you ask us, like an artist needs their palette for their perfect piece, a designer will always need a mirror for their perfect home.