5 Unique Ways a Mirror Can Transform a Living Area

Transform Your Living Area

Creative use of a mirror, or multiple mirrors, can transform it from its mere practical function to a breath-taking addition to your home’s décor. You can either channel the interior designer within you or leave it to the experts to provide the finished piece but there is so much you can do with mirrors in your home.

Here are some ideas to inspire you to use mirrors to their full potential:

  • Liven up your wall with acrylic mirror shape designs

Mirrors don’t have to be rectangular or round, you can have mirrors designed into practically any shape that you want. Designs such as leaf-shaped mirrors spread across a wall, or a mirror in the shape a famous landmark like The Eiffel Tower will make for a very unique edge to your living area. Take a look at the huge range of different shapes you could incorporate into your interior design.

  • Use mirror tiles as a feature

Mirror tiles are more commonly found in bathrooms but with shapes like hexagons, you could design your very own mirror mosaic or another type of pattern. You can even buy coloured mosaic mirror tiles and create your own masterpiece. A full wall mirror made out of lots of rectangles also provides a stunning effect.

  • Bring a touch of Art Deco into your home

You will find there is a good choice of Art Deco-inspired mirror designs that could add some sophisticated character to your living area. With your Art Deco mirror as your centrepiece, maybe above your fireplace, or in the middle of your main wall, you can follow the style around the room with smooth lines and geometric shapes that will transport your visitors back to the 1920s era.

  • Hang a mirror clock on the wall

Mirrors can be multipurpose and there are some beautiful mirror clocks that will catch the eye in any home. Perfect if you don’t have the space for a mirror and a clock but also a quite unique addition to your living area. You can go big, with a clock mirror that fills most of the wall or find a smaller design to fit into a small wall space that you didn’t know what to do with.

  • Wow your guests with a designer mirror

There are so many different designs of designer mirrors to match your current interior or to inspire you to design a new interior around a new mirror. Contemporary mirror grids made up of nine symmetrical framed mirrors laid out in a square look very stylish, whilst other unique designs such as frames with a silvered molten finish will add some sparkle to the room.

Hopefully, that will have given you some ideas for your mirror project but if you need any more inspirational, spend some time to browse through the huge range of designs and variations at Mirrorworld.