Mirrors, Maximizing Light & Space – Tip 6

No. 6 Group several small mirrors together; as we all know, large mirrors can be quite pricey. Smaller, cheaper mirrors can easily be found at second hand shops, discount shops and antique shops. When you’ve found your preferred group of mirrors, either paint the…

Mirrors, Maximizing Light & Space – Tip 5

No. 5  Mirrors on patterned walls… …above fireplaces or to break up ‘art walls’; can go wrong, horribly wrong, but done correctly, they can also give your room, not only extra light and space, but also, that extra ‘something’ that makes people really fall…

Make a Statement with Hand-painted Framed Mirrors

To help you build your perfect mirror quickly easily from scratch, we have worked very hard to be at the forefront of innovation in the field of Mirrors and Picture Framing. Introducing new and exciting designs and increasing our selection of different frame and…

Mirror Walls, Maximizing Light & Space – Tip 4

No. 4 Mirror walls Mirror walls don’t have to make your house look like Hugh Heffner’s bedroom (not that there’s anything wrong with that if that’s your thing); rather than going for the option of covering an entire wall of your room with solid panels…

Mirror Windows, Maximizing Light & Space – Tip 3

  No. 3 Mirror Windows If you want to make your room seem both larger and lighter without using a lamp; use a mirror to create a ‘second window’ in the room. By placing a mirror directly opposite a window, you can enhance not only…

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