Professional Tips – Garden Mirrors

Mirror, mirror … in the garden?

Who would have thought that one of the favourite tools of landscape gardeners would be a mirror?

If you want to do something different with your garden and turn it into a light and spacious outdoor paradise, whether your garden is large or small, you can add an extra dimension to it using garden mirrors.

The number of effects you can create with mirrors in your garden varies almost as much as peoples’ gardens do. Whether you want to use small mirrors to create window-like portals or you want to use larger ones to make your garden look double its size, a well-placed mirror can do the trick.

When placed in your garden, mirrors will create the best effects when there are a lot of plants growing around them, this helps them to blend into their surroundings and stops the edges showing as obviously. Also remember to be conscious of what the mirror is reflecting, if it is just the back of your house it might counteract the illusion you’re trying to create. Use slight angles so that the mirror doesn’t reflect the house or you as you walk up to it.

You could try a number of methods; maybe attach a gate to a large mirror with a path leading up to it – this will make it look like the path continues through the mirror resulting in your garden seeming much bigger. Half submerge one in your hedge, giving the impression you have a secret garden on the other side. You can attach mirrors to garden walls to give the effect of being able to look through it at another garden. If you have a shed you want to hide, maybe attach a few mirrors to it and allow some ivy (or any plant you like) to start to grow around it. The possibilities are endless.

Try taking a mirror outside and having a bit of a play to see where it looks best in your garden and to decide what effect you want to achieve before you go out and buy a new mirror then decide it doesn’t look right.

Whatever mirror you go for, we think that garden mirrors are the way forward.