Showcasing the Frames the Designers Love

This frame is hand-carved with a simple design and covered in a soft gold finish. The modest style of this frame allows the emphasis to be placed on the mirror inside it and other areas of the room, whilst still providing the perfect complement to…

20 ways to love your mirror, get creative this Valentine’s Day!

Showcasing the Mirrors the Designers Love

Intricate and hand-carved, this stunning ornate swept frame complete with bevelled mirror, combines massive proportions & the finest craftsmanship. The soft yellow-gold colouring of the frame, coupled with its graceful carvings bring a real sense of elegance and sophistication to any room it adorns.  …

Antique Mirrors – What’s hot in 2015

According to the designers, 2015 is the year of the resurgence of antique chic and vintage vogue. So we thought we’d give you a bit of a run through on what makes the designers tick, some of the most interesting projects we’ve been involved in…

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