2-way mirrors – and why you need one!

Want to add something unique to your home? Then you need a 2-way mirror!

You may be wondering what a 2-way mirror is, but that’s what we’re here to help you with. Keep reading to see why a 2-way mirror will transform your home!

What are 2-way mirrors?  

You may know 2-way mirrors by other names such as a one-way mirror or a spy mirror – and you may have seen them in your favourite police drama! Quickly covering the technical stuff, they’re made of either clear glass or an acrylic sheet, specially coated on one side or containing a coated laminate. This allows light to pass through the clear sheet in a restricted fashion, making it appear as a mirrored surface. Anyway, enough of what it is – more of how it benefits!

Art & Design

If you have a more artistic flair, you can use 2-way mirrors to create a striking piece of art in your home. This is better than your average vase or small sculpture, this will be a thought-provoking piece that no one else will have – sounds incredible to us! If you want some inspiration, have a look at this great piece below!

Commercial Use

Work in fashion and want to give your customers an incredible in-store experience? 2-way mirrors are the perfect addition. Their place in the fashion industry has rapidly increased over the last few years thanks to the utilisation of state-of-the-art points of sale, meaning customers can try on anything in the store, quickly and conveniently without a dressing room.

Smart Mirrors

Gadget-lovers, this one is for you! This is the most on-trend function of 2-way mirrors because combined with the right application, the simple mirror can become a useful information point or an intriguing virtual display. Our Mirrorworld team have helped develop many futurist mirrors for our clients.

Of course, there are also the 2-way mirrors that have a more serious role too. 2-way mirrors are often used in police dramas and the real-world for observation. This can be in focus group observations, medical and clinical observation and even in everybody’s favourite TV programme – Big Brother!

The benefits of a 2-way mirror are endless, but the best way to discover this is to see it for yourself. Speak to our team about your vision and we will help you find the perfect solution by visiting: https://www.mirrorworld.co.uk/contactUs_d.html