A Range of Mirror Tiles

Mirror tiles come in a whole host of sizes, from small individual tiles to large statement size tiles, like those needed for covering large expanses of wall. Tiles can come with a bevelled edge or with a simple Polished edge and certainly in the case of acrylic mirror tiles, virtually any shape you can think of.

The standard tile is, of course, square or rectangular, with or without a bevelled edge and are great for adding extra light and an extra dimension to any bathroom or kitchen.

Easy to install and easy to maintain, mirror tiles are a great option when looking to do something a little bit different with your interiors.

The same high-quality mirror glass is used throughout our bespoke mirror-only service too, for a perfect reflection every time. With numerous options including, big breath, polished or bevelled edges, aged and antique glass, Clearview heating pads, 4m and 6mm glass, standard, premium or foil-backing, pre-drilled holes, cutouts, shapes and a whole host of fittings, be assured we have it covered.

Glass or Acrylic

The choice of glass or acrylic tiles normally comes down to where and how you are going to use them. For Bathrooms and Kitchens, we'd always recommend glass, down to their durability and easy cleaning, but, when it comes down to pure decoration, acrylic comes out on top. Available in either 3mm or 6mm, and cut by laser, there really are no shapes that we can't provide.

No two jobs are ever quite the same, so here at Mirrorworld our team of experts are at hand, ready to help advise on the pros and cons of either glass or acrylic for your exact requirements.

Aged and distressed

A growing trend amongst interior designer is the use of Antiqued or aged mirror tiles, Mirrorworld carries an unparalled range of patterns all unique and individual

available through our bespoke service, these stylish mirrors can really make your interios creation stand out.