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Content Review -- “Professional Tips”
Let there be light  

Following on from our ‘5 Basic Tips on the use of The Mirror’ earlier in the year, I thought I’d embellish on the theme slightly over the coming editions. We all know that sometimes there is a room in our house, or our office, that just doesn’t seem to feel as big as it actually is, or as light as we want it to, so – having just bought a new house myself – I thought that using mirrors to maximise light and space would be a good place to start, and I will definitely be using a few of these ideas at mine.

Large mirrors behind furniture in tight spaces; bring extra size and depth to your space. And is a particularly effective technique when used behind sideboards, making them look as if they were made for the space rather than squeezed in. This trick will also allow you the luxury of extra light in the hallway or front room and gives the owner the chance to make a final (or first, depending whether you are coming or going) ‘once over’ of both themselves and the space before they leave the house. If you’re into it, it is also considered excellent for your house or office’s Feng Shui to have a mirror in the entryway. Furthermore it’s a fantastic technique to maximise light and space in your bathroom.

By placing a mirror behind a light source; you can turn a small light into a bright one, without losing the warmth of the small lamp. This technique will truly maximise the area the light covers and also give you an effect entirely unique to you, no-one else will have quite the same furniture, space or bespoke mirror that you do.

Let there be light
Appeared in issues 16 --- February 2015 Content and images © Mirrorworld 2018