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Content Review -- “Design”
5 Basic Tips on the use of mirrors  

There are many uses for mirrors around the home and workplace in everyday life and not just the obvious.

Mirrors can be so much more than your beautiful self portrait.

Following here are just some of the basic concepts that start to show that there is more to the humble mirror than first meets the eye.

1 For Extra Space

When physical space is at a premium, mirrors can be used to create the illusion of extra space. Using mirrors to create a sense of more space is a professional trick of all the best interior designers. By fooling the eye (trompe l'oeil) into feeling there is a greater amount of space than in reality. For couple of clear examples, visualise a small bathroom with just enough room for your suite, then imaging a large wall size mirror behind the bath or sink. This has the immediate effect of doubling the room size, without the need of a costly extension. Or, if you have a short entrance hallway, by simply adding a large mirror to the far end of your hall, the depth of the hallway perceivably doubles the length, to make a memorable grand entrance.

2 For Extra light

This is probably by far the easiest way to get the best out of your mirror. Nobody these days likes living and working in a dark room or office. With the clever placement of mirrors, the extra light can bring rooms alive. Try placing the mirror where the sunlight falls in the room, allowing the available light to bounce around, lighting up those darker corners with the added natural light. Or try putting you mirror behind an existing light can double its affect, bringing extra light to otherwise dim surroundings. With a little thought, it's easy to make the best use of the light that's already available.

3 For Feng Shui

   For those amongst use with inner karma, consider the use of mirrors within Feng Shui is very important. Sometimes referred to as the aspirin of feng shui; with proper placement, mirrors can dramatically shift the flow of Chi, or feng shui energy in any given space, bringing with them a sense of refreshment and calm. With most mirrors being defined by shape, (oval, round, square) and frame materials (wood, metal, etc.) a typical example of the feng Shui influence would be a round mirror with a gold leaf frame which would be seen as beautiful feng shui wealth and abundance, cure and work very well in the feng shui money area of your home or office.

4 For Design

Without doubt, the most common mistake we all make about mirrors is using them as a replacement for artwork on the wall. An easy mistake to make but just as easy to remedy.

When choosing a mirror for the wall, ask yourself a simple question, the answers will quickly unveil the right choice of mirror for your chosen location.

What do I see in the mirror from its most common view point?

For example, if the mirror is above your mantle piece and you commonly view the mirror from the comfort of your armchair or couch, the view in the mirror may just be a boring ceiling. The solution to consider here would be a choice of interesting or more decorative frame, with the addition of a reflective focal point like a small vase of flowers or attractive ornament on the mantle. These being reflected in the mirror, enable you to see your objet d'art at its best from all angles.

 The golden rule to remember is, what you see in the reflection is your artwork.

5 For Massive Impact

Wow, the title says it all. For making the most of a mirrors dramatic effect, size IS everything. Whether it's the frame size, a good chunky solid frame or the mirror size it'self, if it's drama you're after don't skimp! A relatively low cost entry level to this genre of mirror would be the full-size floor mirror. These can make a dramatic statement in a small space. Using a framed, full-size mirror placed on the floor and resting on the wall can become an incredible asset in many ways in a bedroom, living room and even at the end of a hallway. What more, if you get fed up with it in one room you can always move it on to the next, no strings attached, so to speak.

Have fun, and embrace the world of mirrors..

5  Basic Tips on the use of mirrors
Appeared in issues 8 --- June 2014 Content and images © Mirrorworld 2021