A clear difference

Have you ever finished bathing to find your mirror is all misted up? It's often the little things in life that can make such a difference. Now with Mirrorworld Clearview you can finally have a mist-free mirror in your bath or shower room.

With a choice of mirrors already fitted with a clearview pads or clearview pads sold separately, you need never have a misty mirror again

Pre-Fitted Mirror

Mirrorworld offer a range of quality 6mm mirrors factory fitted with our clearview heated pads ready to go

Clearview mirrors DO require an electrical connection, most commonly connecting to the lighting power in your bathroom.

Whilst Cleaview heated mirror pads are easy to install, Mirrorworld always advocates the use of a qualified electrician to connect the power.

Clearview Only

If you already have your mirror, or simply wish to convert an existing one, Mirrorworld had a large selection of Clearview pads available in various sizes and shapes to suit.

Fitting really is a doddle, merely follow our supplied clear step by step instruction for a perfect result every time.

Bespoke Option

For those whos bathrooms are not quite the conventional size or shape, fear not, we have the answer for you too, with our award winning made to measure service.

Choose Shape, size, gauge, backing, edging and more, in fact, any conceivable configuration, we can help.

Call one of our friendly sales team today for a chat, on0333 800 8181, or try out our free and easy to use online estimator tool, for a fast accurate quote.