We tend to use our bathrooms most when we're rushing around either in a morning, getting ready for work or before going out for the evening. That's why at Mirrorworld we understand that customers value bathroom mirrors that are functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing. Offering a range of bathroom mirrors in different sizes and styles, we aim to provide customers with high-quality mirrors that look great and are fantastic value for money.

Our range includes, of course, plain glass mirrors, polished edge, bevelled edge, with or without holes, safety backed, foil backed, rectangular, square, circular or oval, we have it covered.

We also stock a great selection of frameless mirrors, steam free heated mirrors, illuminated mirrors, shaving mirrors, makeup mirrors and of course, our exclusive made-to-measure mirrors that can be created online via our free and easy to use instant pricing tool.

Simply Glass

When it comes to simple bathroom mirrors, believe us, we have it covered. Whether you're looking for a square, rectangle, oval or circle we have it covered.

Bevelled edge, polished edge, holes or no holes, safety backed or foil backed too.

With over 1000 plain bathroom mirrors to choose from in almost any size. you'll never be stuck for choice.

Turning up the heat

We've all done it, had a nice hot bath or shower, stepped up to the mirror, only to be greeted by a foggy obscure reflection of ourselves.

Well, not any more, our Clearview heated mirror range offers the perfect solution, with a range of sizes or a self fit option why not have a beautifully clear mirror in your bathroom.

A Close Shave

Still, two of the most fundamental uses of mirrors in today's world, having a shave or applying our make-up. Where would we be without a mirror, we'd certainly get a few strange looks I'm sure.

But, not everyone has the space for a gorgeous large mirror in the bathroom or maybe you'd just simply like one in the right place. Take a peek at our shaving and make-up range, you may just find what you’re looking for.

Tiles, tiles, tiles

Mirror tiles come in all shapes and sizes and offer exciting opportunities to be creative in the bathroom…

With a little thought and imagination, even the dullest of bathrooms can be transformed, there ’s plenty of inspirational ideas online for mirror tiles, check out Pinterest for some great ideas and be inspired today.

Made 2 measure

For those whos bathrooms are not quite the conventional size or shape, fear not, we have the answer for you too, with our award winning made to measure service.

Choose Shape, size, gauge, backing, edging and more, in fact, any conceivable configuration, we can help.

Call one of our friendly sales team today for a chat, on0333 800 8181, or try out our free and easy to use online estimator tool, for a fast accurate quote.