Mirrorworld offer 4 basic types of 2 Way mirror. Each Miror type has its own unique properties that are suitable for varying purposes.

An easy to read comparison chart can be seen below the images, which lays out some of the more common applications of 2 Way glass and acrylic.

Compare Two-Way Mirrors

Mirrorworld offer a selection of two-way mirror. Each Miror type has its own unique properties that are suitable for varying purposes.


Acrylic 2 Way mirror has the positive properties of allowing plenty of light to pass through, even in unfavourable conditions. It is robust and the least prone to accidental damage of all the 2 Way options.

It does however, have a drawback; acrylic substrate is not as rigid as glass. Therefore, when used in larger installations it can produce an undesired optical effect unless otherwise supported. Like for example, a window frame with cross members.

The glass Two-way mirror comes in three varieties. Our Ultra Silver 6mm Two-way glass is the most common and widely used, as it combines the best properties of rigidity, light transmission and cost. Although sadly, it still is not 100% perfect. Having the special coating applied only to the surface on one side of the pane, it is exposed to potential damage, such as scratching during heavy handed cleaning.

Our Ultra Plus Two-way has been developed specifically for use with Television and computer screens. Its special coating gives the greatest light transmission, thus allowing the clearest possible picture from the illuminated screen. The consequence of such clarity requires any unused area of the glass to be masked for optimum performance, as can be seen clearly in the ultra-glass example photos.

Finally our laminated Two-way glass has a special coated membrane protected within its laminates and so each side of the pane can be cleaned without worry. This produces a thicker overall material with its light transmission qualities reduced compared to that of its rivals. Making the need for an optical light differential essential for optimum effectiveness. This can be clearly seen in the photo. This is not difficult to achieve and is often practical and complimentary when used in its most common form as an observation window.

Compare Lighting Settings
Ultra Silver
Ultra Plus