With a feeling of strong structural integrity as well as beautiful design, a Cheval mirror is a superb option for many spaces. Mounted on a frame with its own base, the Cheval mirror is free standing and can be tilted from its centre on a swivel. It is a usually offered as a full-length mirror, particularly effective when placed in a bedroom or dressing room.

Slim and sleek in many cases, a Cheval mirror can provide a truly stunning feature within many spaces, and their dimensions can allow them to be placed in very small or narrow spaces. This allows them a versatility of placement that many mirrors simply do not possess, a feature which comes without any sacrifice of style or beauty.

Employing a lightweight design, the Cheval mirror is portable, able to be easily moved from one room to another as it is not mounted on any surface or wall. The fact that it can be tilted on the swivel makes it a great dressing mirror as it gives the owner a full view and many possible view angles regardless of how tall or small the user is.

Decorative framing and the ability to be tilted and turned can turn this Cheval mirror into the focal point of a room. It can take an otherwise dark room and transform it into a space much more well lit and completely shift its tone. Elegantly carved metal frames can also used as frames for cheval mirrors, with both rectangle and oval being popular shapes. Their decorative style is such that they give a room a vintage look.

Here at mirrorworld.co.uk we have put a lot of thought into our classic range of Cheval mirrors. Why not take a look through the UK’s best online provider of high quality Cheval mirrors?

Cheval Style

When it comes to simple bedroom mirrors, believe us, we have it covered. Whether you're looking for a square, rectangle, oval or circle we have it covered.

Bevelled edge, polished edge, holes or no holes, safety backed or foil backed too.

With over 1000 plain bedroom mirrors to choose from in almost any size. you'll never be stuck for choice.

Dressing Table mirrors

The dressing table mirror is probably the most versatile of all the bedroom mirror styles, offered a variety of finishes to complement all possible decors.

Most come equipped with mirrored wings and thus allowing great reflective views, even from the most awkward of angles.

Some come with a tilting centre mirrors permitting adjustments for both available light or personal height.

Lean and Tall

Our most popular mirror by far in recent years has been our extensive range of leaner mirrors, so-called strangely enough, because rather than hanging or standing they simply rest against any available suitable wall, leaning at the perfect angle for a head to toe view.

Generally being much larger than their cheval predecessors, leaning bedroom mirror offer a fantastic reflective viewing area, great for full-length views, encompassing those all important new shoes. Not forgetting the large mirror area also expounds the beauty of any available natural light and space.

It's all in the detail

Bedroom make-up mirrors also have their own unique versatilities, with the greater number being much smaller than all their other bedroom mirror counterparts, these gems can easily be moved or placed wherever you desire.

Many with sloping, tilting or even illuminated mirrors, just like the film stars in Hollywood, you’ll never struggle to add your finishing touches.

Made 2 measure

We understand that not all bedrooms are the same size or shape, that's why at Mirrorworld we try to offer the widest range of bedroom mirrors to suit your every possible need. Whether you're looking for glamorous dressing table mirrors or handy full-length mirror to prepare for that big night out, you'll find our selection capable of accommodating your most requested bedroom mirror needs.

For those you can't find that perfect bedroom mirror, why not take a look at our made-2-measure service. With over 250 designs you certainly won't be stuck for choice.

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