Mirror Gauge

Mirror glass come primarily in two thickness's / gauges, 4mm and 6mm. Whilst both give a beautiful optical reflection it is often deemed necessary to use the thicker glass when the mirror becomes over a certain size, we recommend, should your size go over 1.2m in any dimension then the thicker 6mm glass would be advisable.

Edging Types

Straight-cut edge Available for mirrors framed or mounted with edges concealed.

Polished Edge
A smooth slightly-rounded edge perfect for all applications, Set as default for safety.

Beveled edge
A narrow (25mm) tapered edge smooth ground into the surface of the mirror giving a pleasant decorative effect.

We can not send Glass with straight cut edges unless we know the purpose for which it is intended is safe.

Fixing Options

Small J shaped chrome brackets which screw onto the wall, supporting the mirror in a small channel, A Mirror 1m Square would easily be held by 4 clips. The clips are barely visible around the mirror when fitted.

Specially formulated adhesive for hanging mirrors. When used as directed by the manufacturer it can hold any size of mirror to a well prepared surface.

Mirrors with holes are supplied with the appropriate number of screws, rubber grommets and chromed screw head caps.

Safety Backing

In nut shell:
A film of tough plastic that sticks to the back of the mirror. If the mirror breaks then the pieces stay stuck to the film and not all over the floor.

A heavy duty polypropylene film with a long ageing acrylic adhesive designed to safety back mirrors to BS 6206 Class b. and tested to latest European Standard BS EN12600 with a Cass 2B2 Pass

Safety backing is not available when requesting adhesive, as the film is stuck to the mirror the adhesive would only stick to the film. However by using adhesive correctly any shattered pieces of glass would remain stuck to the wall.

ClearView Information

ClearView pads are a single piece heating element that comes in set sizes. When ordering through our made to measure service Mirrorworld will send the appropriate size pad for the mirror size ordered. If you wish to order your pad separately you may do so through www.mirrorworld.co.uk/catalogue/clearview.asp.

ClearView CAN NOT be cut down or reshaped.
Fitting instruction are available from www.mirrorworld.co.uk/PDF/Clearview_Installation_Guide.pdf if you have any doubt about installation, contact a qualified electrician.


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